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SaudiPreneur Initiative: Empowering Young Entrepreneurs in the Kingdom Towards a Promising Future

Under the slogan “Empowering Youth for Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurship,” EYouth and Value Makers Studio (VMS) proudly announce the launch of the SaudiPreneur program, coinciding with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Founding Day celebrations. This initiative is part of the ongoing efforts to support and enhance the entrepreneurship culture among the youth of the Kingdom, aligning with the ambitious Vision 2030 which aims to empower young people and stimulate innovation and startups.

Youth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who constitute a significant portion of the population with an estimated eleven million young people, represent the driving force towards achieving sustainable development and economic growth. According to recent statistics, these young individuals possess the energy and creativity necessary to bring about positive change in society and the economy. The SaudiPreneur program aims to highlight these energies and direct them towards building a promising entrepreneurial future.

SaudiPreneur, being the largest of its kind in supporting the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Kingdom, provides young people from all over the Kingdom the opportunity to acquire the skills and capabilities needed to turn their ideas into real-world projects. The program includes intensive educational training content over three months, followed by personalized mentoring sessions, and each course concludes with an awards ceremony to select the best projects and present valuable prizes to the winners.

This initiative is part of the continuous efforts of EYouth, a leader in education and providing programs tailored for youth in various fields, and VMS, a leading entrepreneurship studio striving to empower project owners and idea creators by offering the necessary support, guidance, and investments for their projects’ growth and establishment.

Through this initiative, both EYouth and VMS affirm the importance of youth in building the Kingdom’s future. This initiative represents a significant step towards achieving that goal, reinforced by ongoing support and guidance to ensure the success and growth of startups and the establishment of companies capable of competing on the ground and internationally.

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