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Jahez-Kuwait Launches Innovative  Delivery in 33 Minutes  Service with Cashback Guarantee

Jahez International Company (“Jahez-Kuwait”), a pioneering platform that connects customers with their favorite restaurants through online orders, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking service, “Delivery in 33 Minutes.”

This innovative service reflects Jahez-Kuwait’s steadfast commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction by guaranteeing swift and efficient food delivery.

Within the framework of “Delivery in 33 Minutes,” Jahez-Kuwait pledges to deliver orders within an exceptional timeframe of 33 minutes, setting a new standard in the food delivery market for speed and reliability.

These commitments come with real-time order tracking features, allowing customers to monitor the progress of their orders from the selected restaurant to their doorstep.

The service applies to a curated selection of renowned restaurants known for their fast preparation and delivery, ensuring a faster and more efficient ordering experience.

Faisal Alsaei, Marketing Manager at Jahez-Kuwait, expressed his excitement about the new service, stating, “Our ‘Delivery in 33 Minutes’ service is a testament to our commitment to providing an unparalleled experience.

We understand the value of our customers’ time, and this initiative aligns with Jahez-Kuwait’s vision for continuous innovation and enhancing the overall ordering experience.”

To further ensure customer satisfaction, Jahez-Kuwait takes an additional step by offering a cashback guarantee of the order amount to a maximum of 5 Kuwaiti Dinars if the order is not delivered within the promised 33 minutes. This additional guarantee highlights Jahez-Kuwait’s commitment to both speed and excellence in service, providing an extra layer of assurance for customers.

Jahez-Kuwait recognizes that delivering exceptional service requires seamless execution, and the launch of “Delivery in 33 Minutes” with a cashback guarantee is expected to revolutionize the food delivery landscape in Kuwait.

This initiative aims to set new industry standards by combining speed, reliability, and customer-oriented excellence.

As Jahez-Kuwait continues to redefine excellence standards in the delivery services sector, the “Delivery in 33 Minutes” service looks forward to becoming a hallmark of efficiency in the industry. Customers can now enjoy an exceptional level of convenience and speed with Jahez-Kuwait, making it the preferred choice for those seeking quality and speed in their food delivery experience.

It is worth mentioning that Jahez-Kuwait entered the competitive food delivery industry with an innovative approach that focuses on enhancing the delivery experience for customers and restaurants.

By allowing customers to simply drop a pin for delivery without needing to enter an address, Jahez-Kuwait provides a seamless and intuitive experience that takes convenience to a new level.

The platform further empowers its users with flexible payment options, offering the freedom to pay anytime, whether before or after delivery, putting the control squarely in customers’ hands. Additionally, in collaboration with select partners, Jahez offers up to 50% off at some restaurants, providing unmatched value and making it a truly compelling choice for food delivery in Kuwait.

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