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Game Centric for Electronic Games Secures Investments Worth $1.6 Million

In a significant development in the world of electronic gaming, Game Centric, a leading platform facilitating interaction between brands and gaming enthusiasts, announced a major achievement in securing funding worth USD 1.5 million, equivalent to 6 million UAE Dirhams. This financial support was provided by the well-known investor Bilal Merchant, based in Dubai. This step comes after completing all funding rounds and marks a launching point for the platform, which officially launched on December 1, 2023. It paves the way for expanding its global influence and reshaping the concept of electronic entertainment.

Game Centric, brought to life through the efforts of Saad Khan, known for his extensive experience and passion for transforming the gaming industry, began its journey in 2023. The platform possesses a strong and compelling vision that contributed to attracting initial investments, reflecting confidence in its ability to revolutionize the market.

From his side, Saad Khan, the CEO of Game Centric, expressed gratitude for the support provided by Bilal Merchant, pointing out that the strategic vision of the company and its robust business model were key factors in attracting investment interest. This funding provides a significant boost for the company to expand its operations beyond the Middle East and North Africa, aiming not only to be a gaming platform but a cultural phenomenon that crosses borders.

Game Centric aims to use advanced technology to increase its competitiveness and attract brands, publishers, and players. The company plans to become a leading digital platform based on Web3 technology, employing digital assets such as cryptocurrencies by 2025, underscoring its commitment to offering exceptional gaming experiences.

The company also announced a partnership with Power E-Sports, a leading Saudi company in brand marketing and influencer campaign management, in a move aimed at increasing its player base. Game Centric is preparing for a major expansion plan aimed at increasing user numbers to cover all countries in the region, with expectations of reaching 88 million players in the Middle East and North Africa by 2026.

Game Centric also received support from “Liv,” the leading digital bank in the UAE, highlighting the platform’s great potential in achieving educational and financial goals through gaming. The platform plans to make significant improvements, including the introduction of a loyalty program based on Web3 wallet and special cryptocurrencies, to offer better benefits to users.

The new funding represents an important step in enhancing Game Centric’s ambitious growth strategy, facilitating future funding operations, and strengthening its position as a significant player in the global electronic gaming arena. The company is moving forward with plans to enhance its presence as the premier gaming platform in the region, focusing on developing programs that meet community needs enhance interaction within the platform, and help brands offer attractive deals and strengthen relationships with customers.

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