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Astra Tech issues over 100,000 prepaid cards in 4 months to become the largest issuer in the fintech sector

“Astra Tech,” a giant in the consumer technology sector across the Middle East and North Africa, has unveiled remarkable successes in the fintech sector. Through its partnership with “Mastercard,” the company managed to issue more than 100,000 “Botim” multi-currency cards in record time, marking a significant achievement following the card’s launch at the end of 2023. This progress sets new standards in the market and underscores the development and maturity of the consumer market in the UAE.

In just four months, “Astra Tech” has positioned itself as the leading issuer of Mastercard cards, a testament to the company’s efficiency, innovation, reliability, and credibility. These are fundamental elements for gaining and maintaining customer trust.

Abdullah Abu Sheikh, the founder and CEO of “Astra Tech” and “Botim,” commented on this development, saying, “We have noticed a significant demand for ‘Botim’ prepaid cards in the first four months since their launch, which reflects the maturity of the consumer market in the UAE and the deep trust they place in us. Our commitment at ‘Astra Tech’ to provide innovative financial services, promote financial inclusion, and make life easier for users, along with these notable achievements, puts us on a steady path not just to compete with traditional banks but to surpass them in the near future.”

“Botim” is also preparing to expand its multi-currency card offerings to include the British Pound and Euro, in line with “Astra Tech’s” plans to enhance customer experiences and keep up with the growing market demand. This step is part of “Botim’s” effort to meet the broad needs of its users and strengthen its position in the markets, supported by the launch of a new loyalty program in collaboration with “Mastercard.”

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