Fortinet launches a product to secure communications networks in Saudi Arabia

Fortinet, the leading global company specializing in comprehensive and integrated cybersecurity solutions, has announced the launch of a new rugged and resilient device called “FortiGate Rugged 70G with 5G Dual Modem.” This advanced security solution is specifically designed to secure networks and provide 5G connectivity for Operational Technology (OT) environments.

The new device features the latest fifth-generation security processor from Fortinet (SP5) and is equipped with a dual 5G modem model, delivering unparalleled performance in networks.

Additionally, it offers AI-powered security services from FortiGuard to ensure comprehensive protection against cyber threats.

The FortiGate Rugged 70G device boasts high availability through its 5G modem, catering to a variety of uses in harsh and remote environments, including remote ATMs with comprehensive services.

This device is an ideal tool for networks located in remote areas that require support and protection for large amounts of traffic and sensitive data while remaining highly available.

In the past, companies used multiple point products to meet individual network, security, and communication needs, resulting in complex and poorly performing infrastructures that were difficult to secure and manage.

This new device provides an effective solution, meeting all network, security, and communication needs in remote operational technology environments.

The FortiGate Rugged 70G device, equipped with a dual 5G modem, introduces fifth-generation technology to Fortinet’s next-generation rugged Next-Generation Firewall (NGFWs) lineup. As a result, the device not only combines enterprise-level threat protection with high-performance network capabilities such as SD-WAN and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) but also delivers industry-leading wireless WAN functions to ensure high availability.

Sami Al-Shuwairikh, Fortinet’s Senior Regional Director in Saudi Arabia, stated: “The launch of the new FortiGate device equipped with 5G modem represents a significant step towards achieving comprehensive digital transformation across various sectors, contributing to the provision of a secure and efficient infrastructure for all companies and institutions in line with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 to achieve comprehensive digital transformation and enhance cybersecurity in all sectors of the economy.”

Al-Shuwairikh added: “The new Fortinet device possesses a range of advanced features that will support companies in challenging and remote environments to enhance their digital security and protect them from advanced cyber threats, while also improving their operational efficiency by providing reliable and efficient network infrastructure.”

The Fortinet Rugged 70G device with dual 5G modem contributes to providing secure management of remote ATMs for banks, often located in challenging environments such as stadiums, commercial centers, and others. It works to meet all the needs of deploying and securing ATMs, and managing them through various networking functions, including dynamic SD-WAN, access control, and ZTNA gateway.

In addition to providing the highest levels of security (end-to-end encryption and embedded threat intelligence) and high availability service (dual 5G modem), the device also meets the required durability requirements for ATMs to withstand harsh weather conditions, including high or low temperatures.

With this powerful integrated device, the banking sector can enhance its remote ATM networks and easily expand their service scope across thousands of locations while providing new services with minimal investment in infrastructure.

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