Wasool wins the award for the best innovative facility for electronic payments in Dubai

The company “Wasl for Financial Technology and Payments” has been awarded the “Best Innovative Facility” in the field of electronic payments and invoicing for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as part of the International Finance Award ceremony held in Dubai.

This award recognizes the outstanding efforts made by the company in providing innovative financial solutions and payment services to various business sectors in the Kingdom.

The event, attended by prominent financial companies and banks from the Gulf and around the world, was organized and sponsored by several governmental and private entities.

Wasl stated in its press release that receiving this award reflects its ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional payment experiences and its leadership in the financial technology sector.

 Fahd Al-Ghamdi, the CEO of Wasl, commented, “We are proud to receive the Best Innovative Facility Award in electronic payments and invoicing.

This award is a testament to our commitment to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction and providing innovative and diverse payment solutions.”

He added, “This award is a culmination of the efforts of the Wasl team in delivering effective and advanced payment solutions, contributing to the development and improvement of the experience for merchants and entrepreneurs in the Kingdom.

It reflects appreciation for the innovation and diversity we offer in the financial technology market.”

Wasl serves as a strategic partner for companies seeking to develop and enhance their financial services and strengthen their competitive capabilities.

The company relies on its strategic vision to excel in providing payment solutions that meet the needs of various economic sectors.

This award adds to Wasl’s distinguished record in delivering financial services and innovation in the field of electronic payments, further establishing its position as a leading strategic partner in providing advanced financial technology solutions in Saudi Arabia and the region.

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