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The Royal Academy of Management Launches Investment Planning Programme in Partnership with Nadzaher

The Royal Academy of Management launches an Investment Planning programme in partnership with the National Program for Investment and Export Development, ‘Nazdaher,’over the period from 21 – 23January2024, with35 participants from various governor offices, free zones, and Ministries.

The event promises to be a dynamic platform for exploring potential investment opportunities across sectors. The programme aims to make a comprehensive examination of prospective investment avenues and development possibilities across sectors and governorates.

It will provide the participants with valuable insights into Nazdaher’s processes and the National Investment Matrix, facilitating a deeper understanding and seamless implementation within their respective organisations.

The programmewill includean interactive and engaging experience featuring in-depth discussions, case studies, and a focused agenda.

Participants can expect to delve into key topics regarding investments, Nazdaher’s way of developing opportunities, opportunity analysis, urban strategy and more.

The implementation of theprogramme reflects The Academy’s andNazdaher’s joined commitment to fostercollaboration, shareexpertise and contributeto the growth and development of the nation in line with Oman Vision 2040.

Oman’s National Program for Investment & Export Development (Nazdaher) was established to accelerate a new era of inward investment and domestic growth. With a focus on attracting local and international private investments, Nazdaher creates a business ecosystem fostering sustainable prosperity.

Between now and 2025, it aims to define and energise its investment footprint as it innovates, enhances the business environment, strengthens public and private collaboration, expands exporting activities, supports attracting investments, and advances the implementation of major investment projects across Oman’s economic sectors.

Aiming for a world-class business-enabling environment (BEE), Nazdaher sets out to realise Oman’s Vision 2040 ambition to establish the Nation as a regional investment powerhouse, now and into the future.

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