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Tasmimak Joins Techstars Founder Catalyst Program in Jeddah

“Tasmimak,” an online graphic design platform catered to non-professionals and Arabic speakers, recently participated in the Techstars Founder Catalyst program held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This 10-week program focused on accelerating the growth of 20 start-ups in the digital media sector and preparing them for various funding opportunities.

“Tasmimak” allows its users to create Arabic graphic designs easily and simply, without needing prior experience in graphic design. The platform has been instrumental in providing effective solutions for small and emerging companies, particularly in catering to the local market needs in Egypt by offering content that aligns with various industries and occasions.

The founder of the platform, Salah El-Din Mohamed, shared his experience during the time he spent in the Middle East and North Africa. He discussed how this experience completely altered his perspective on working in a culturally diverse environment. He emphasized the importance of direct and clear communication that transcends cultural barriers, and how cultural diversity can simultaneously be a challenge and an opportunity. He pointed out that dealing with diverse cultural groups adds an enriching and new dimension to the work.

The program in which “Tasmimak” participated included 37 entrepreneurs from 12 different nationalities, reflecting the vast cultural diversity and richness such an environment can provide. The program concluded with a successful presentation day, where the participating companies showcased their achievements and future plans.

Notably, “Tasmimak” received an investment from “Falak Investment” in Saudi Arabia, signifying confidence and recognition of the platform’s value in the digital media and graphic design sector.

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