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Strategic Alliance for Advanced Projects in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Abu Dhabi’s Digital Sector

Abu Dhabi-based institutions, the Technology Innovation Institute, Aspire, and Maqta Gateway, part of Abu Dhabi Ports’ digital sector, announced today the signing of a conceptualization agreement.

The alliance aims to launch a series of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics projects, developing specialized solutions and applications for terrestrial, aerial, and maritime domains.

Dr. Ray Johnson, CEO of the Technology Innovation Institute; Stefan Tapano, CEO of Aspire; and Dr. Noura Al Dhaheri, CEO of the Digital Sector for Abu Dhabi Ports and CEO of Maqta Gateway were the signatories of the agreement.

This joint effort includes the development of autonomous ground vehicles dedicated to transporting various forms and sizes of general cargo—an innovative concept not yet implemented in this sector.

The projects also include the development of autonomous boats (water taxis) designed for passenger transportation within Abu Dhabi to neighboring islands.

Several specialized solutions will be employed in these projects, including computer vision systems, communication technologies, sensors, and LiDAR systems.

These technologies will be integrated into the existing infrastructure of Abu Dhabi Ports, enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and expediting task completion.

The Technology Innovation Institute and Aspire, as arms of the Advanced Technology Research Council, will closely collaborate with Maqta Gateway to identify potential technological gaps and develop targeted solutions to enhance supply networks in Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Ray O. Johnson, CEO of the Technology Innovation Institute, expressed pride in the project, stating, “We are honored to work closely with Maqta Gateway as we strive to transform the commercial and logistical landscape through the development and integration of modern technologies.

Through our diligent efforts to expand the horizons of AI and robotics, we are committed to enhancing efficiency and setting new standards for sustainability and innovation.

Undoubtedly, projects of this nature will propel us into the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and we look forward to its transformative impact globally.”

Dr. Noura Al Dhaheri, CEO of the Digital Sector at Abu Dhabi Ports and CEO of Maqta Gateway, commented on the partnership, stating, “Technological innovation and creativity play a crucial role in shaping the future of trade and logistics services.

Our partnership with the Technology Innovation Institute and Aspire aims to accelerate the growth of emerging technologies, embodying our shared vision for autonomous transport and warehouse management.

In light of our leadership’s ambitious vision, together, we will lead the way in reshaping the sector, contributing to building a future where technology changes the way goods and services move, improving the quality of life for our communities and businesses.”

Stefan Tapano, CEO of Aspire, emphasized Abu Dhabi’s position as a global smart city, thanks to its efforts to employ advanced technology in business, logistics, and transportation sectors

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