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partnership between the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development and Curry to support Emirati food and beverages

Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development and Carriage, the food delivery app, have announced a strategic partnership as part of the fund’s efforts to support local food and beverage projects.

This partnership aims to provide numerous advantages to food and beverage outlets in the UAE, enhancing the sector and contributing to the growth of the national economy.

The strategic partnership offers valuable opportunities and exceptional benefits to entrepreneurs who are members of the Khalifa Fund.

Joining Carriage’s platform will support the expansion and visibility of their projects in the market.

Each participating project or restaurant will be assigned a dedicated account manager to provide continuous consultations and guidance throughout their subscription to the app.

The account manager will design features and services tailored to meet the needs of each restaurant or café participating in the leading electronic food delivery platform, ensuring optimal utilization.

Members of the Khalifa Fund will be exempted from all registration and subscription renewal fees, facilitating their integration and product sales through the app.

This exemption is designed to increase revenues and profits in the long term. Additionally, members will receive a discount on the “customer acquisition cost,” with a reduced fee of AED 36 for restaurants instead of the original AED 48, and only AED 12 for cafes instead of AED 48.

This is to ensure greater cash liquidity and relieve participants from Carriage app joining fees, reducing operational costs for their businesses and enhancing their capacity for sustainable growth.

 Alia Al Mazrouei, the CEO of the Khalifa Fund, commented, “Our partnership with Carriage is a significant step in our ongoing efforts to promote entrepreneurship and empower food and beverage projects in the UAE.

The electronic platform offers entrepreneurs a valuable opportunity to leverage its advanced features, enhance operational efficiency, boost brand visibility in the market, and reach a broader customer base. This collaboration encourages Emirati entrepreneurs to establish businesses in the food and beverage sector, contributing to its development and supporting the rapid growth of the commercial sector.

Our partnership with Carriage aligns with our strategic vision and our mission to support the sustainable growth of projects, building a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

Carriage is a leading electronic platform specializing in food delivery, enjoying great popularity among a wide user base.

The collaboration between Khalifa Fund and Carriage provides valuable opportunities for entrepreneurs, allowing them to expand their market presence and promote their brands on a larger scale.

This enhances their digital visibility, leading to increased sales and revenues, enabling entrepreneurs to develop and finance their projects to new heights, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

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