Oracle and Etisalat from e& enhance joint collaboration in AI

Oracle announced today a significant expansion of its collaboration with “Etisalat ” (e&), aiming to enhance its artificial intelligence capabilities.

As part of this strategic move, “Etisalat Misr” will deploy NVIDIA H100 GPU graphics processing units within the dedicated Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) region, hosted in the company’s data centers.

This step aims to facilitate the localization and development of advanced artificial intelligence services, elevating the level of service offerings in the entire portfolio of “Etisalat Misr” products and business operations.

“E&” had chosen the dedicated OCI region as one of its main cloud platforms as part of the comprehensive transformation initiative launched by the company last year.

This decision aligns with the company’s goals to streamline its operations, business support systems, and update its digital services portfolio.

The deployment of NVIDIA GPU units in the dedicated Oracle Cloud region will enable “Etisalat Misr” to access flexible and high-performance local computing resources.

This will contribute to the rapid development of new artificial intelligence-based services, enhancing its business operations.

Additionally, “Etisalat Misr” will utilize the Oracle cloud platform to integrate artificial intelligence services into its business applications, improving business efficiency and operational procedures.

Khaled Morsy, CEO of Technology and Information Technology at “Etisalat Misr,” stated: “We are committed to continuous innovation to create value and achieve growth for our customers.

As artificial intelligence has become an integral part of our service design, the OCI platform is the suitable cloud infrastructure that will provide us with essential artificial intelligence capabilities.”

Nick Readshaw, Senior Vice President – Technology Cloud, Middle East, Africa, and Regional Director for the United Arab Emirates at Oracle, said: “Telecommunications companies are redefining their business models as part of their efforts to respond to changing customer expectations and the expanding market landscape.

‘Etisalat Misr’ holds a leading position in this transformation, and we are excited to leverage the power and flexibility of OCI’s artificial intelligence capabilities to support the company’s efforts in building the next generation of digital services for consumers and businesses.”

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