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Launching the FriendyM car maintenance application with investments amounting to 100 million pounds

Today marks the launch of FriendyM, the first of its kind in Egypt, dedicated to the management and maintenance of automobiles.

The application allows customers to track their car’s status and maintenance schedules through their mobile phones, showcasing a step towards enhancing the role of technology and innovative smart solutions to simplify citizens’ lives. FriendyM is currently operational in several other countries, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The application, founded and led by Abdulrahman Al Jamal, is introduced with investments totaling 100 million Egyptian pounds.

It is currently serving customers in Cairo and Alexandria, with plans to expand its coverage to all governorates of Egypt.

The goal is to reach 100,000 cars on the platform within the first year, contributing to the application’s expansion throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Based on user-recorded car data within the application, FriendyM sends notifications for regular maintenance appointments, necessary maintenance operations, and aids in calculating the average cost of the process. It also manages car expenses such as fuel bills, parking locations, and cleaning services.

The application allows users to attach all invoices to their accounts and provides an expenditure analysis highlighting the most significant cost items, facilitating expense management.

FriendyM offers technical support through the “Chat Support” feature, enabling communication with maintenance engineers and specialists to address inquiries.

Users can also book maintenance appointments through specialized service centers listed on the application at competitive prices. Additionally, the app provides emergency SOS services and maintains a comprehensive record of cars in case of resale.

FriendyM is set to launch two subscription packages, Lite and Elite, soon, offering premium services. The Elite package includes emergency roadside assistance and car replacement services in case maintenance takes several days, while the Lite package offers advice on the car’s performance and future maintenance needs. Subscribers to both packages enjoy exclusive discounts of up to 25% on maintenance costs and annual insurance subscriptions.

Abdulrahman Al Jamal, the founder and CEO of FriendyM, expressed his happiness about the launch in Egypt, emphasizing the dedication of the professional and enthusiastic team to provide innovation and technology to customers.

He highlighted the company’s commitment to leveraging the digital transformation initiated by the Egyptian government to strengthen its presence in Egypt, meet customer needs, and deliver a unique experience.

Al Jamal added, “We aim to reach all segments of society, especially women, who naturally have less experience in the technical aspects of cars.

We will assist them through our innovative digital solutions in conducting regular and emergency maintenance, providing advice and guidance for optimal car performance.”

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