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Great Opportunity: Free Training Program Opens the Saudi Market Doors for Egyptian Startups

In a new move that enhances the status of Egyptian startups and expands their economic horizons, “VMS | Saudi Startup studio” in collaboration with the “Youth Entrepreneurs Network (YEN)” announced the launch of a free training program aimed at startups in Egypt, supported by USAID/Egypt. This program aims to empower and support Egyptian startups to enter the Saudi market, offering a golden opportunity for companies aspiring to expand and explore new markets.

The program includes an intensive three-day training in Cairo, provided to fifty selected startups. The training will be delivered by experienced Saudi and Egyptian experts who will share their knowledge and expertise on how to succeed in the Saudi market. The program will include lectures and interactive workshops focusing on growth strategies, marketing, regulatory frameworks, and other key topics.

As part of the program, a competition will be held to select five outstanding startups to receive additional support to take their businesses to Saudi Arabia. This competition presents a unique opportunity for companies looking for financial and advisory support to achieve their expansion goals.

What distinguishes this program is that it is completely free, and it represents an important step towards strengthening economic relations between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, opening new horizons for Egyptian startups to achieve success in international markets.

It should be noted that the application period for this program is limited and ends when the number is complete. Therefore, those who wish to benefit from this opportunity should hurry to submit their applications through the following link.

This program represents an important opportunity for Egyptian startups looking to expand and achieve success in the Saudi market, acting as a gateway to new and promising horizons in the business world.

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