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Deliveroo platform expands food delivery services in Kuwait

The leading food delivery platform, Deliveroo, announced that it now provides delivery services to all residential areas in Kuwait.

The company highlighted that this remarkable achievement represents a significant step in Deliveroo’s continuous growth and commitment to delivering exceptional convenience and delightful food experiences to its customers.

The company explained that, over the course of more than four prosperous years in the local market, Deliveroo

has witnessed substantial expansion in its delivery services to areas situated in the southernmost part of Kuwait. This expansion includes coverage of new residential areas such as Sabah Al Ahmad, Ali Sabah Al Salem, in addition to Al Khiran City, Sabah Al Ahmad Al Bahriya, Wafra, Jleia’a, Bnaider, and Doha.

Deliveroo pointed out that customers can now enjoy ordering their favorite meals from restaurants, grocery stores, cafes, pharmacies, flower shops, and more, with all orders being delivered directly to their homes.

The company emphasized that the decision to expand delivery coverage to these new areas reflects its dedication to meeting the diverse tastes of residents across all regions of Kuwait.

By broadening the delivery scope, Deliveroo ensures that local residents have access to a wide range of flavorful cuisines, ranging from popular local dishes to their favorite international foods, regardless of their location.

Deliveroo’s General Manager for Kuwait and Qatar, Saham Al Husaini, expressed great pride in the company’s ability to serve its customers regardless of their location.

Whether customers desire their favorite burger in Kuwait City or a quick cup of coffee at the chalet over the weekend, Deliveroo is committed to providing delivery services.

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