AOC launches its G4 gaming monitor range in the Middle East

AOC, the global leader in display solutions, announced today the launch of two new gaming monitors, the AOC 24G4 and AOC 27G4. Both monitors are equipped with a fast IPS panel.

The AOC 24G4 features a 23.8-inch display, while the AOC 27G4 boasts a larger 27-inch screen.

Both monitors are equipped with Adaptive-Sync technology, ensuring a competitive gaming experience with a real response time of 1 millisecond (GTG) and a refresh rate of 180Hz.

The HDR10 feature enhances image quality, taking your gaming performance to the next level. These gaming monitors offer an incredibly smooth gaming experience with a screen designed for victory.

Carole Ann Dias, Sales Director for the Middle East and Africa at AOC and Philips monitors, stated, “The purpose of technology is to drive human progress, and at AOC, we are keen to provide the optimal product that meets users’ expectations. Therefore, we designed the 180Hz gaming monitors, which comfortably display with a fantastic view. Delivering a smoother experience is the essence of our products to help our customers achieve advanced technological use.”

Dominating the competition with Fast IPS technology, the fast IPS technology controls the competition at four times the speed of traditional IPS technology.

This ensures customers get real response times of 1 millisecond (GTG) and captivating visual quality, lifting gaming performance to the next level.

Professional eSports Gaming Standard, the monitors are equipped to perform according to the professional gaming standard, with a 180Hz refresh rate and a 1-millisecond response time, ensuring an ultra-smooth experience with no visible screen tearing to guarantee victory.

Anti-tearing Technology Gains Global Respect, the gaming experience should not be a choice between intermittent play or broken frames. With Adaptive-Sync technology, fast and smooth refresh rates, and super-fast response times, flawless screen performance can be achieved at almost any frame rate.

Highlighting Visuals, enjoying an immersive visual experience with HDR10, the industry-standard high dynamic range, delivering a rich palette of colors, brightness, and contrast far beyond the capabilities of ordinary screens, attracting your senses and creatively inspiring you.

Adding Depth to Colors, AOC Super Color technology activates the viewing experience with more emotional reds, enchanting greens, and calming blues.

Using this solution, users can enjoy better color accuracy and realistic color reproduction in images, videos, and more.

Eye-to-Hand Coordination, unleash your reactions by switching to AOC’s Low Input Lag mode, eliminating graphic touch-ups.

This mode reconnects the screen to favor the initial response time, giving you maximum excitement during competition.

Protecting Eyes from Screen Flicker, the flicker-free technology reduces flickering to provide a more comfortable and healthy viewing experience.

AOC’s flicker-free technology is used to offer a more comfortable and healthy viewing experience, reducing eye strain during long and intense gaming sessions.

Reducing Short-Wave Light Output for Healthier Eyes, the Low Blue Mode ensures a more health-conscious viewing experience for long computer use without compromising the bright and vibrant colors of the screen naturally.

Connectivity with Other Devices, AOC screens offer convenient connectivity options, supporting both HDMI and DisplayPort to suit both professionals and home users.

Carole concluded, “Building a new generation of advanced products requires a better creative and intelligent infrastructure.

At AOC, we rely on our research and development results by adding global trends and needs that have helped us deploy a dedicated range much faster than our competitors.

We continue our work to create advanced products with much stronger technological capabilities.”

All AOC monitors are available through distributors in the Middle East. In the UAE, SDC offers the 24G4 model at a retail price of AED 649 and the 27G4 model at AED 749.

In Saudi Arabia, “Ibdaa AlMohammadia” offers the 24G4 model at a retail price of SAR 749 and the 27G4 model at SAR 899.

The new monitors will also be available in the Arab Republic of Egypt through the distributor Quality Durable Systems (QDS). All monitors come with a 3-year warranty.

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