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Akkrue Capital Secures Initial Funding Round Backed by DHF Capital

Akkrue Capital, an asset management platform that is non-custodial and offers a transformative approach to creating and executing digital asset strategies across various market chains, announced its successful closure of an initial funding round in September 2023. The round saw participation from DHF Capital, a leading investment management company based in Luxembourg, enhancing the strategic growth of its corporate offerings portfolio, now including the Akkrue Capital platform.

Bas Kooijman, CEO of DHF Capital, commented on this development: “We are pleased to support Akkrue Capital on its journey to success. At DHF Capital, we recognize the importance of inspiring partnerships and innovative ideas, which Akkrue Capital embodies. This successful partnership reflects our commitment to fostering innovation and supporting ambitious and progressive financial institutions.

We look forward to a fruitful partnership with Akkrue Capital, expecting significant growth and notable achievements through our collaboration.”

Oliver von Wolff, Founder, and CEO of Akkrue Capital, said, “Our collaboration with DHF Capital is a significant step in achieving Akkrue Capital’s goals in digital asset management. Their confidence and partnership bolster our efforts towards adopting decentralized finance and targeting institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals. This collaboration validates our vision and drives us towards making a global impact and achieving distinctive accomplishments in the field of decentralized finance.”

He added: “The capital from this round will be allocated to develop Akkrue Capital’s services and innovative financial products. We focus on providing unique solutions that meet the diverse needs of corporations, institutions, banks, and high-net-worth individuals, simplifying their processes in the complex and continuously evolving digital asset landscape.”

Akkrue Capital’s technical strength lies in its robust and secure engine, which allows for rapid development of fully regulated and audited financial products across various decentralized finance protocols with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. The platform’s advisors, backed by advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, manage assets in vaults with diversified and optimized strategies. Its balancer and order executor tool is a standout feature, acting as a bridge connecting parts of the decentralized finance ecosystem, improving asset movement, enhancing transaction efficiency, and reducing costs. These advantages contribute to Akkrue Capital’s leading position in facilitating the application of complex investment strategies across various protocols.

The completion of Akkrue Capital’s initial funding round, supported by DHF Capital, marks a milestone in the company’s journey. Akkrue Capital is distinguished by implementing advanced investment strategies across various decentralized finance protocols. With the launch of this distinguished project, the company shifts its focus from expansion to creating a lasting legacy within the continuously evolving digital asset management landscape.

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