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A memorandum of understanding brings together Gulf Navigation and Wings to develop smart mobility services

The Gulf Navigation Holding PJSC, a maritime transport and shipping company listed on the Dubai Financial Market, announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Wings Logistics Services, a subsidiary of the Multi Level Group.

The memorandum aims to enhance cooperation between the two parties in the field of maritime transport by utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in maritime agency services across the ports of the United Arab Emirates.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Abduljabbar Al Sayegh, Chairman of the Multi Level Group, and Mr. Ahmed Al Kailani, CEO of Gulf Navigation Holding, on the sidelines of the Yummex 2024 exhibition and conference held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC).

Wings Logistics Services is a company specializing in smart mobility, logistics technology, and multi-channel solutions.

The company focuses on integrating modern technologies, particularly autonomous UAVs, electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, and vehicle and infrastructure technologies, including port terminals, in the fields of passenger transport, logistics, and smart city management.

Mr. Abduljabbar Al Sayegh, Chairman of the Multi Level Group, expressed his anticipation for cooperation with Gulf Navigation Holding, stating, “Our pride lies in our steadfast commitment to developing autonomous smart UAV technologies, eVTOL aircraft, and vehicle technologies, shaping the future of passenger transport, mobility, logistics, and smart city management in the UAE.”

According to the agreement, Wings Logistics Services will provide UAV services to be utilized in various maritime agency operations, such as light and heavy cargo transportation, passenger UAVs, firefighting, mapping, and surveillance.

Additionally, the collaboration will explore other solutions, including unmanned light vehicles and artificial intelligence solutions in the maritime sector.

Ahmed Al Kailani, CEO of Gulf Navigation, welcomed the agreement, stating, “The aim of this partnership is to increase revenue by expanding maritime agency operations and leveraging technology to deliver higher quality and more efficient services to our customers, in line with the company’s strategy and focus on providing an integrated logistics solution portfolio.

This collaboration with Wings Logistics Services will facilitate the delivery of materials to and from ships and large vessels anchored kilometers away from the port through UAVs.”

Al Kailani added, “We expect the company to benefit from UAV technology in overcoming logistical challenges, as it is more cost-effective compared to traditional methods such as maritime crew ships, which primarily rely on fuel and personnel, and it also contributes to reducing carbon emissions.

Therefore, we see UAV technology revolutionizing supply chains for many goods and services provided to the maritime sector.”

“This agreement is expected to be the beginning of a larger and broader partnership, and Gulf Navigation Holding looks forward to advancing towards leadership in maritime agency services on both local and regional scales, contributing to achieving more revenues and operational profits in the coming years.”

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