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T-Vencubator Fund: A Pioneering Launch in Egypt for Financing and Supporting Emerging Technology Companies

In a step aligned with global concepts of supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, the Egyptian fund “T-Vencubator” has officially launched its operations. This fund is the first of its kind in integrating the concepts of venture capital and business incubators, with an exclusive focus on companies that possess technological solutions capable of addressing the real challenges facing Egyptian society. “T-Vencubator” offers a golden opportunity for local startups with technology-based ideas that can tackle prevalent challenges in Egyptian society at all levels.

“T-Vencubator” introduces a new concept to support innovative entrepreneurs. The fund provides venture capital and offers various types of support to ensure their growth. Hence the name “Vencubator,” which combines “venture capital” and “incubator.”

Reem Safi, founder and CEO of “T-Vencubator,” stated that the launch of the fund comes at a crucial time where startups have become a vital lifeline for supporting the economies of developing countries. Egypt has a successful track record of accomplishments by startups over the years, making investing in these companies a national duty.

She added, “We believe that technology can solve many of the problems facing Egyptian society. We also believe that Egyptian minds have innovative ideas capable of dealing with these problems. Therefore, we offer not only financial investments to startups but also invest in exceptional talents that shape the future of Egypt.”

Reem Safi explained that “T-Vencubator’s” investment strategy will focus on promising companies with strong ideas and solutions to real challenges that affect wide segments of society. These solutions leverage technology and artificial intelligence, and the selected startups and investment amounts will be announced by 2024.

Hazem El-Samra, Head of Growth and Marketing at “T-Vencubator,” said that the fund would be a qualitative leap in supporting Egyptian startups. He stated, “We are proud to launch the first Egyptian investment fund and business incubator dedicated solely to supporting local startups. We have key criteria that we will adhere to when selecting startups, focusing on innovative ideas based on the latest technological solutions capable of facing the real daily challenges we all encounter within society.”

He added, “Technology-based ideas deserve to be highlighted in all possible ways. Financial investment is undoubtedly crucial for the success of startups, but alongside that, practical support based on knowledge and experience must be provided. This is the essence of the ‘T-Vencubator’ concept.”

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