The Events of Saudi Green Initiative Forum 2023

In an exceptional timing coinciding with the “COP 28” conference, the third edition of the Saudi Green Initiative Forum 2023 kicked off today in Dubai under the theme “From Ambition to Action”.

The forum focuses on a range of initiatives and multi-faceted projects aimed at achieving sustainable development across various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These initiatives include the planting of 10 billion trees, transitioning infrastructure to clean energy, and protecting marine environments.

Saudi Arabia’s participation in this forum reaffirms its commitment to achieving its climate goals and contributing to global efforts to combat climate change.

The Saudi Green Initiative Forum 2023

The Saudi Green Initiative Forum 2023 brings together global experts, opinion leaders, and climate specialists from around the world. Its proceedings commenced today in Dubai, aiming to discuss the best approaches to addressing climate challenges and achieving a sustainable future.

The forum focuses on various crucial topics, including climate finance, innovation in clean energy solutions, enhancing community engagement, and environmental conservation.

Planting 10 Billion Trees: An Ambitious Step Toward a Sustainable Future

As part of the Saudi Green Initiative, the Kingdom aims to plant 10 billion trees across different parts of the country over the coming decades. This ambitious step seeks to achieve numerous environmental, economic, and social benefits, including:

  • Improving air quality and the climate
  • Protecting soil and water
  • Enhancing biodiversity
  • Providing employment opportunities

In addition to tree planting, the Kingdom is committed to protecting 30% of the total land and marine areas in the country by 2030. These national goals contribute to achieving the objectives of the Green Middle East Initiative, which focuses on removing 670 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions and planting 50 billion trees across the region’s countries.

It is expected that this year’s forum will witness the launch of several new initiatives and projects in the field of climate action. These initiatives and projects will contribute to achieving the Kingdom’s ambitious climate goals and enhancing global climate efforts.

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