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Qardy Partners with Cash Call to Revolutionize Small and Medium-Sized Project Financing in Egypt

Egyptian startup company Qardy has announced its strategic partnership with Cash Call to provide innovative financial support for small and medium-sized business projects. Qardy, founded in July 2022, aims to facilitate the loan application process for these companies, reflecting its ambition to become the “Amazon of lending.”

Qardy’s goal is to reduce the waiting time for companies to obtain loans from around nine months to approximately 18 days. This is made possible through the use of innovative technology and digital platforms that make the lending process faster and more efficient. Currently, the traditional process relies on manual methods and personal relationships, making it difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to secure the funding they need.

The company has entered into a strategic partnership with Cash Call, which offers a comprehensive financial platform operating across multiple units, including commercial to consumer businesses and corporations. Cash Call provides a diverse solution that includes payment networks, payment gateways, aggregation services, an open finance center, and more, giving customers and merchants a unified and efficient way to manage their financial affairs.

This strategic partnership is designed to provide a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of both customers and merchants, allowing them to access a variety of financial tools tailored to their individual needs. Qardy has chosen to leverage its artificial intelligence competence center to analyze user data and behavior, which will help improve and expedite the lending processes, making them more efficient.

With this partnership, Qardy aims to make a breakthrough in the small and medium-sized business financing industry in Egypt, offering greater opportunities for success and prosperity for these promising companies.

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