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HyveGeo successfully closes its pre-seed funding round led by

HyveGeo, an early-stage startup, has successfully closed its pre-seed funding round led by, a venture capital fund specializing in climate technology. This funding will support HyveGeo’s pilot program in the United Arab Emirates, aiming to address the critical link between climate change and food security. The company uniquely tackles these issues using advanced microalgae technology for soil regeneration and carbon removal.

Founded in 2023, HyveGeo plans to build the largest microalgae-based biorefinery in desert regions, starting with the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Their technology focuses on transforming arid, non-arable desert lands into fertile grounds, aiding in food security and carbon removal. They cultivate microalgae as a regenerative raw material for developing agricultural products, including biochar, to enrich soil and remove carbon.

The company was co-founded by Abdul Aziz Bin Rida (CEO), Dr. Samsrin Welte (COO), Eva Morales (Chief of Strategy), and Dr. Harjit Singh (Head of Engineering), assembling a team of scientists, engineers, and technicians. Their approach utilizes locally adapted microalgae strains and integrates AI and robotics for process control and monitoring, aiming for net negative emissions.

Additionally, support from the Majra ecosystem, part of the UAE’s National Fund for Corporate Social Responsibility, plays a crucial role in HyveGeo’s journey. Majra’s support extends beyond financial assistance to invaluable guidance and strategic partnerships. This comprehensive support system is key to accelerating HyveGeo’s project development and expanding its impact.

Noha Safar, Project Director of Majra, said, “Our vision is to establish the UAE as a global driver of tangible and sustainable impact, where successful institutions are linked to their success and growth by the value they create for people and the planet. We assist companies in thriving by doing good. Our goal is to achieve an ecosystem in the UAE by bringing together stakeholders from the government, business, and community for more sustainable and equitable growth of our country and its people. This collaboration represents the beginning of HyveGeo’s innovative program in the Emirates, strategically leveraging advanced microalgae technology. The primary aim is to lead the desert, combat carbon emissions, and enhance the UAE’s position as a global leader in climate change mitigation. Aligning with international commitments, the initiative actively contributes to the global push towards a 43% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.

HyveGeo has also been recognized as one of the top 100 future enterprises in the UAE in the sustainability and environment category. The Future 100 initiative award highlights the company’s contributions to the future economic sectors of the UAE, especially in addressing climate action and food security challenges.

Abdul Aziz Bin Rida, founder and CEO of HyveGeo, expressed deep gratitude and enthusiasm after receiving the “Top 100 Future Enterprises in the UAE” award. He said, “We are immensely happy and proud to be recognized among the leading future companies in the UAE. This award is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and innovative spirit of our team working tirelessly on regenerating desert lands and removing carbon from the atmosphere, thereby effectively contributing to combating climate change. This honor reaffirms our commitment to actively contribute to the UAE’s vision of building a diverse, knowledge-based economy. We are excited to continue our journey and work on enhancing innovation to solve the most pressing challenges we currently face: food security and climate change.”

In conclusion, HyveGeo stands as a prominent example of how positive impact can be achieved through innovation and technology in vital areas such as climate change mitigation and food security. With its successful funding and strategic support from key players like and Majra, HyveGeo is uniquely positioned to lead a tangible transformation in how we address environmental challenges. The company’s success to date, including recognition as one of the top 100 future enterprises in the UAE for sustainability and environment, indicates widespread appreciation for its vision. The greatest ambition of HyveGeo, under the leadership of Abdul Aziz Bin Rida and his diverse team, is to make a tangible global impact, particularly focusing on transforming desert lands into green, sustainable spaces, thereby enhancing the UAE’s standing as a leader in sustainability and climate change mitigation.

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