The Abu Dhabi Office Collaborates with GRIDSERVE to Support the Future of Sustainable Mobility

As part of the efforts of the UAE to transition to sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation methods, GRIDSERVE, a company specializing in smart and connected networks for electric vehicle charging through clean energy, has announced the establishment of its operations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Welcomes GRIDSERVE to Enhance Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

GRIDSERVE’s mission is to provide sustainable energy and support global efforts to combat climate change. The company offers the Sun-to-Wheel platform for electric vehicle charging networks powered by solar energy and batteries.

By establishing operations in Abu Dhabi, its aim is to leverage the Emirate’s strong industrial base and support the UAE’s goal of increasing the share of electric and hybrid vehicles on roads to half of the total cars by 2050.

Abu Dhabi Investment Office has signed an agreement with GRIDSERVE to support the establishment of the company’s operations in Abu Dhabi. The agreement provides access to facilities and services at the Smart Autonomous Vehicle Industry (SAVI) complex in Abu Dhabi, supporting companies in designing, testing, and manufacturing smart mobility solutions for air, land, and sea applications.

This step reflects the UAE’s commitment to enhancing the infrastructure for electric vehicle charging and supporting its efforts to transition to sustainable and environmentally friendly modes of transportation.


GRIDSERVE: Innovative Sustainable Energy for the Future of Transportation

GRIDSERVE is a forward-looking sustainable energy company that relies on technology. It is committed to providing carbon-neutral transportation at the speed and scale required by the climate crisis to prevent Earth’s temperature from rising by more than 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Achieving carbon-neutral transportation through its award-winning Sun-to-Wheel platform:

  • Developing, building, and managing global networks for electric vehicle charging focused on customer-centric, solar-powered, and battery-operated solutions.
  • Supporting the success of our networks and the transition to electric vehicles by enhancing the usage and success of electric vehicles through GRIDSERVE’s car leasing service.

All operations are supported and connected to a proprietary data platform that is not reliant on any specific technology, growing and improving every day.

Toddington Harper, CEO of GRIDSERVE

“We are committed to providing a carbon-neutral future for transportation. We believe that change, despite its crucial necessity, does not equate to compromising on comfort and convenience. Therefore, we build unprecedented hybrid solar energy farms to generate planet-friendly power and deliver that energy to electric vehicle drivers across the United Kingdom through the Electric Highway network.

With our electric vehicle charging infrastructure, including award-winning Electric Forecourts® charging stations, we completely reimagine the experience of charging electric cars. At these stations, drivers can charge their electric vehicles quickly and easily while enjoying a variety of services and facilities, such as cafes, restaurants, and stores.

To inspire a shift towards emission-free mobility, we understand that electric vehicles must be accessible to everyone. Hence, we launched the GRIDSERVE Car Leasing service, allowing customers to lease electric cars at affordable rates.

Because we always strive to do more for our planet, we plant 100 trees for every car leased from us. These trees aid in carbon absorption and combating climate change.

At GRIDSERVE, we are committed to building a sustainable future for transportation. We believe our solutions can help transform the transport sector into a carbon-neutral one.”

The collaboration between the Abu Dhabi Investment Office and GRIDSERVE reflects the UAE’s

commitment to enhancing the infrastructure for electric vehicle charging and supporting its efforts to transition towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation.

GRIDSERVE is a leading company in sustainable energy and electric vehicle charging networks. The company holds extensive expertise in developing and operating fast and user-friendly charging networks powered by clean energy.

In collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office, GRIDSERVE will benefit from the strong industrial base of Abu Dhabi, supporting the UAE’s goal to increase the share of electric and hybrid vehicles on roads to half of the total number of cars by 2050.

This partnership represents a significant step towards achieving a sustainable transportation future in the UAE and the region.

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