Grintafy Launches Franchises in South Africa & COSAFA

Grintafy Launches Franchises

In a bold move aimed at broadening its global presence, Grintafy, a Saudi-based company, has unveiled plans to extend its brand reach by granting franchise rights in South Africa and COSAFA nations.

The pivotal agreement was formalized in Jeddah on Tuesday, December 12, at the World Football Summit, a premier conference dedicated to fostering innovation, collaboration, and advancement within the global football sphere.

During the signing ceremony, Grintafy’s CEO, Majdi Al-Lulu, along with Carlos Catelino representing South Africa and Grintafy’s Director of International Expansion and Partnerships, Omar Sakr, were in attendance.

This significant franchise deal authorizes the utilization of the application across South Africa and COSAFA countries, primarily for the purpose of unearthing football talent.

The platform will serve as a comprehensive tool to evaluate players’ statistics, monitor their accomplishments, view their gameplay footage, and organize performance trials and tournaments within South Africa. This initiative aims to provide an exclusive platform for budding football talents to exhibit their abilities and shine on a global stage.

Grintafy Launches Franchises in South Africa & COSAFA

Majdi Al-Lulu expressed, “From the outset, Grintafy’s vision has been to create opportunities for players on a worldwide scale. Granting the franchise in South Africa aligns with our strategy for global expansion and our commitment to assisting players in realizing their football aspirations.”

This expansion marks a significant stride in Grintafy‘s journey toward its ultimate objective of nurturing and empowering football talent on an international level. It paves the way for increased opportunities for South African players to showcase their prowess and gain global recognition.

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