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Blink succeeds in completing a $2.1 million financing round in partnership with 500 Global

Blink has successfully closed a $2.1 million initial funding round with the participation of 500 global , alongside existing investors, including Orbit Startups/Souqf.

Blink assists restaurants in achieving higher profit margins and reducing dependence on food delivery apps by launching and developing direct online ordering platforms.

Over the past 12 months, Blink has received over 4.5 million orders through its platforms for partner restaurants, surpassing $0.5 million in annual recurring revenue.

Founded in 2020, Blink has supported over 1,200 restaurants throughout the MENA region in delivering more than 8 million direct orders. The company’s unique growth engine and robust marketing enable brands to acquire and retain customers through AI-based advertising campaigns and communication tools. Blink not only stands out for its innovative solutions but also for the seamless experience it provides to restaurants.

Launching websites and apps with Blink is quick and easy, offering a hassle-free solution for companies looking to establish and expand their online presence.

The current funding round will accelerate Blink’s growth in Saudi Arabia, the fastest-growing market in the Gulf Cooperation Council region, where the company has already made a significant impact, led by its CEO in Riyadh.

Restaurants today face a growing reliance on food delivery platforms, with over 90% of orders coming through these platforms, resulting in an average loss of 20%.

Additionally, restaurants struggle to access valuable customer data, depriving them of future marketing relationships.

“Our company has enabled restaurants to reclaim up to 40% of their orders through the direct ordering channel, increasing their profitability by 30%,” said Saeer Ali, Co-founder and CEO of Blink.

“We have seen Blink’s strong commitment to the Saudi market through establishing their presence in Riyadh. Their business model has proven successful in other markets, and we are pleased to see them continue growing in Saudi Arabia,” stated Amal Dukhan, General Partner at 500Global.

“As early investors in food delivery markets and recently in models similar to Blink’s in other geographic regions, we believe in Blink’s mission to empower brands to gain more direct orders.

Similar models have succeeded globally, and we see immense potential in this model and the team’s execution capability,” added Oliver from GFC.

William Bao Bean, Managing Director and General Partner at Orbit Startups, said, “There are common challenges shared by different countries within emerging markets.

We supported Saeer and the team because they have what it takes to expand beyond borders and establish a regional leader that digitizes traditional small and medium-sized businesses, taking them online and directing them to consumers.”


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