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Alti Nolell Company obtains a license to practice the activity from the Abu Dhabi Global MarketA

“Alti Novell goes beyond traditional asset management services, emphasizing personalized customer experiences and aiming to meet their financial needs and investment goals effectively.

The company’s expansion into the Abu Dhabi Global Market signifies a strategic shift to leverage promising opportunities in this advanced market.

Among the highlighted services offered by “Alti Novell” in this context is the ability to aggregate smaller investment amounts into larger capital pools, aiming to achieve sustainable and institutional returns.

This focus reflects the company’s strategy to empower clients to maximize their capital.

A prominent aspect of “Alti Novell” vision is the commitment to supporting regional ecosystems by providing capital and expertise. The company’s independent approach to portfolio structuring is characterized by its ability to precisely identify opportunities and allocate capital in a way that enhances investment returns.

“Alti Novell” is a company committed to innovation and goal-setting, with both being the driving forces behind its excellence in asset management.

The company emphasizes that its goal and innovation are the primary motivators for its activities, striving to achieve a real impact and positive change in society while ensuring sustainable financial returns.

Sergios Voskopoulos, the CEO of the company, emphasizes that this step represents a significant milestone in “Alti Novell’s” journey, expressing excitement about establishing a presence in the Abu Dhabi Global Market.

He underscores the commitment to innovation in managing private capital and achieving transparency, coherence, and education, affirming their readiness to achieve the specified goals, including access, net returns, and value creation.

On his part, Mohamed Abdel-Gaffar, Head of Relationship Management at the Abu Dhabi Global Market, welcomes “Alti Novell” as an active member in the ecosystem, anticipating the company’s achievements in this market and beyond. He also highlights the business-friendly environment provided by the Abu Dhabi Global Market for collective investment fund management companies.

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