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Abu Dhabi Investment chooses Gradiant as a global innovation center for Europe and the Middle East

 Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) announced the selection of the leading company Gradiant, which provides innovative solutions in the field of water and wastewater treatment, founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Gradiant has been chosen to establish its new headquarters in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, serving as the hub for Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the global innovation center.

The agreement between ADIO and Gradiant was signed during the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP28, where the company joined the thriving Abu Dhabi Innovators Hub, tasked with developing and marketing solutions to address global climate change challenges.

ADIO, dedicated to supporting economic growth in Abu Dhabi, strategically attracts innovative companies in high-growth economic sectors aligned with the emirate’s long-term vision.

The cooperation agreement with Gradiant, valued at one billion USD, positions Abu Dhabi at the forefront of the rapidly growing global water treatment market, projected to reach 1.1 trillion USD by 2030.

ADIO provides Gradiant with comprehensive support services, facilitating growth and engagement with Abu Dhabi’s environmental system and international trade opportunities.

Gradiant’s contribution to improving the operations of key industries worldwide, including semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, renewable energy, refining, chemicals, and energy, is noteworthy.

Badr Al-Olama, the Director General of ADIO, emphasized the significance of adding a billion-dollar company to the emirate’s innovation ecosystem, citing its contribution to sustainable development and support for effective water treatment solutions.

Gradiant, currently headquartered in Boston and boasting a global workforce of 900 employees, offers practical and digital solutions for water and wastewater facilities. The company holds approximately 250 patents covering a wide range of technologies.

Gradiant combines leading industry technologies with the power of artificial intelligence to provide comprehensive solutions to global water challenges. Their innovative product, SmartOps, utilizes machine learning and AI to enhance the performance of water treatment plants.

Prakash Govindan, the COO of Gradiant, expressed the constructive nature of their partnership with ADIO, affirming the company’s commitment to delivering sustainable solutions across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Their approach aligns closely with Abu Dhabi’s economic vision for 2030, focusing on enhancing water security and energy sustainability in the region.

The collaboration with Khalifa University, Masdar, and local academic institutions is expected to advance new water treatment technologies.

Gradiant’s Global Innovation Center in Abu Dhabi will develop and market these technologies, with partnerships enhancing progress in RO Infinity and Carrier Gas Extraction technologies for water treatment.

This effective partnership is anticipated to play a crucial role in improving Abu Dhabi’s innovation ecosystem, collaborating with local stakeholders and universities.

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