Starlink obtains a license from the Jordanian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

SpaceX-affiliated company Starlink Jordan has obtained a license from the Jordanian Telecommunications Regulatory Commission. The commission clarified that Starlink has secured a general class license with Starlink Jordan.

The agreement was signed in accordance with the provisions of the Jordanian Telecommunications Law and regulations enabling the company to activate its satellite services within Jordan after completing its official documentation and obtaining a license as an operator in the local communication market.

Bassam Al-Sarhan, the Chairman of the Commission, commented that Starlink is expected to activate its satellites and offer its satellite services commercially in Jordan within the next year. He emphasized that introducing such services to the Jordanian market is a significant achievement in advancing the telecommunications sector nationally, especially considering that Jordan is among the first countries in the region to introduce such services to its local markets.

Starlink’s provision of services from low Earth orbits is part of its global project called “Starlink Communications.” SpaceX is a company specialized in providing internet services via satellites, operating in collaboration with ground transceiver devices, with download data speeds ranging between 100 megabytes and 200 megabytes.

Al-Sarhan believes that these services will have a positive impact on various sectors, providing coverage for all regions of Jordan, ensuring diverse communication services. It aims to cover remote areas, areas with low population density, mining sites, drilling locations, tourist, agricultural, and industrial sites, among others. Additionally, it ensures communication during emergencies, climate change, natural crises, and severe weather conditions. Furthermore, it is expected to attract technology companies to operate locally.

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