Fawry announces the completion of a comprehensive investigation into its cybersecurity

Fawry, a leading provider of electronic payment and digital financial services in Egypt, has officially announced the completion of a comprehensive cybersecurity investigation and examination of its security infrastructure. This follows recent rumors earlier this month about a potential breach and cyberattacks using LockBit ransomware.

Fawry enlisted the expertise of Group-IB, a leading cybersecurity firm known for developing innovative cyber defense technologies, detecting and preventing cyber threats.

The investigation aimed to scrutinize Fawry’s systems and delve into the reported incident where LockBit claimed to have accessed data published on Fawry’s website on November 8.

The final report from Group-IB’s Incident Response and Digital Forensics team, issued on November 24, affirmed that all of Fawry’s operational systems, including customer-facing applications (such as myFawry app, banking

apps, payment acceptance systems, Fawry Plus, and retail merchant systems), were not breached by LockBit. This aligns with Fawry’s previous assurance on November 10 that live customer applications remained unaffected, with no data leakage.

However, the report acknowledged a separate testing environment used by Fawry for applications and software testing, entirely isolated from the live environment, did suffer an attack earlier. This resulted in the encryption of some files and data leakage.

Fawry emphasized that this data does not impact financial transaction safety and security on its platform but may contain non-financial personal customer data.

To address customer concerns, Fawry encourages inquiries through its website or its customer service center.

The compromised systems in the testing environment were contained by Fawry. The company deployed Group-IB’s latest Monitoring and Response software across all its systems, covering 100% of Fawry’s systems, including those actively providing services and those in testing.

Group-IB’s platform will continue to provide necessary surveillance for Fawry’s systems in the foreseeable future, verifying the need for any additional security measures if required.

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