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Tahdir Closes Pre-Seed Funding Round of 1.15 Million Saudi Riyals to Enhance Digital Education

Tahdir, the leading educational technology company in Saudi Arabia, has announced the closure of its first pre-seed funding round of 1.15 million Saudi Riyals, raised through a group of angel investors.

Tahdir Platform: Pioneering in Education Automation

Founded in Al-Ahsa by Mohammed Al-Doukhi and Khalil Al-Haid, Tahdir aims to provide innovative technological solutions to improve the connection between school and home. The platform offers tools to automate daily school and educational management processes, contributing to enhancing the educational experience. Currently, Tahdir serves 92 schools, with public schools representing 79% of them, and has more than 30,000 users.

Expansion and Development: The Future of Digital Education in Saudi Arabia

As part of its ambitious plans, Tahdir seeks to expand from Al-Ahsa to other regions of the Kingdom, promoting the spread of digital education and enabling schools to benefit from its innovative technologies. Commenting on this funding round, Mohammed Al-Doukhi, co-founder and CEO, said: “The investment round is a milestone in the development journey of the Tahdir platform. We are pleased and honored to partner with this distinguished group of investors. We are proud of our team, whose passion has always been to develop and enhance the educational experience to inspire current and future generations.”

Utilizing the Investment to Enhance Innovation and Strategic Partnerships

This investment round will help Tahdir enhance its capabilities and expand its operations. It will also assist in strengthening the development team and deepening research and innovation in educational technology. Additionally, the company will work on developing strategic partnerships that contribute to achieving its expansion and innovation goals.

 Tahdir Aims for Excellence in Digital Education

With its new investments, Tahdir looks forward to strengthening its leading position in the educational technology field in Saudi Arabia. By improving and developing its platform, the company will continue to offer innovative solutions that meet the needs of schools and users and contribute to enhancing the digital education experience for future generations.

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