A bold investment

Revent raises $900,000 in pre-seed round in its quest to help SMEs unlock $750 Million working capital

Revent co-founded by Baldeep Singh and Dhananjay Choubey in 2022 is a Tech Device Bank
for SMEs successfully raised $900,000 from a group of investors as part of its pre-seed round.
Revent is leveraging technology to offer quality pre-owned devices on monthly subscriptions to
businesses across UAE and Saudi Arabia.

“There are approximately 2 million SMEs in UAE and Saudi Arabia who are spending up to 22%
of their limited capital on depreciating assets like Laptops, Monitors, Phones etc. Revent is
creating a bank of quality devices and an AI powered virtual IT desk that these SMEs can
leverage to reduce their Capex and focus their capital on growth” – Dhananjay Choubey,
Co-founder of Revent

The pre-seed round saw participation of prominent angels from e-commerce and SaaS industry
along with Techstars.

“Revent offers devices at up to 40% lower cost of ownership to Businesses compared to
traditional options and that is one of the reasons for rapid growth of the company” – Mr Vijay
Tirathrai, Managing Director, Techstars

Mr. Baldeep Singh, the Co-founder and CEO said the funds will be used to build a self service
platform for businesses where they can manage their devices, pay the invoices and raise
support requests for AI powered IT desk support along with growing the client base in Saudi

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