Platform 72 for Crowdfunding Launches Its Services and Offers Its First Crowdfunding Opportunity in Industrial Private Equity Funds in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh – May 2024: Platform 72 for Crowdfunding, affiliated with Arch Capital, has launched its services aimed at providing unique investment opportunities, enabling individuals to invest in private equity funds across various sectors, particularly the industrial sector. This initiative offers crowdfunding opportunities to benefit from the industrial renaissance in Saudi Arabia.

On this occasion, Mr. Salah Allaf, CEO of Arch Capital, stated: “Through Platform 72, we aimed to empower individuals to invest in lucrative investment opportunities while simultaneously educating them about different investment opportunities and raising investment awareness.”

The platform was named 72 after a simple investment rule designed to calculate the time required to double the capital. The platform aims to help qualified clients and retail clients increase investment awareness while highlighting the investment duration and its relation to effective risk management.

The first investment fund to be offered exclusively to the platform’s clients will focus on the industrial sector, specifically specialized manufacturing and petrochemicals. This includes acquiring a factory in Germany and relocating it entirely to the Kingdom to benefit from the National Industrial Transformation Program and the Kingdom’s strategic geographic location for export between Europe and Asia. This will also make it the first factory of its kind for producing specialized polymer resins, specifically PETG, which has a significant export advantage to global markets.

Commenting on the fund, Mr. Salah Allaf, CEO, said: “It took us more than two and a half years to study the opportunity and ensure its technical and financial feasibility. The petrochemical sector in the Kingdom is promising, and we have a competitive advantage. Therefore, we seized the opportunity in the specialized petrochemicals sector for products that will be produced for the first time in the Middle East.”

The factory will be managed by the development partner “Hi Dilion” from Germany, with over 50 years of global experience in the specialized petrochemical industry, including expertise in marketing to global markets. The presence of the factory in the Kingdom will help meet the demand for this type of polymer, especially with a preliminary memorandum of understanding signed with a global company to purchase the entire factory production for the next five years.

Platform 72 seeks to carefully select investment funds, leveraging the extensive experience of fund managers and their teams, and providing investors with unique investment opportunities.

Disclaimer: The investments offered through Platform 72 may not be suitable for all investors. Investing without reviewing the details of the offered investments and studying their content may involve high risks. If the content is not understood, it is advisable to consult a licensed financial advisor.

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