PayTabs Group partners with NuMetric for cloud-based invoicing

This collaboration aims to offer advanced digital invoicing solutions for businesses across the LEVANT region

[Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 26 May 2024]: PayTabs Group, MEASA’s award-winning payment solutions powerhouse today announced it has partnered with the financial management solutions and redefining accounting solution entity, NuMetric

The partnership aims to focus on enhancing online invoice collection and automation for users thereby elevating their overall platform experience. NuMetric users across the region will also enjoy direct access to PayTabs payment orchestration platform to enable seamless service integration. 

This initiative is expected to enable NuMetric users to fully leverage PayTabs platform and dashboards, ensuring a smooth, secure, and effective transaction process.

NuMetric aims to shape a future where small business owners confidently take control of their finances. By empowering them, NuMetric facilitates the growth of new self-employed ventures and fosters the prosperity of existing small businesses. As the ultimate all-in-one accounting technology solution, they aim to be indispensable to small business owners who dream of a brighter tomorrow. By having this vision, it creates synergy with PayTabs aspirations to support small and medium business with the right tools, platform, and technology to facilitate their payment solutions and business models.

Samer Haddad, Founder and CEO of NuMetric added, “We are excited about the potential growth and opportunities this partnership can bring to our organizations. We at NuMetric are thrilled about this integration as it embodies our dedication to providing innovative and efficient financial management solutions. Incorporating PayTabs payment platform into our system is aimed at simplifying and securing the online payment process for our users, thereby elevating their overall experience.”

Speaking at the PayTabs office in Jordan, Eyad Musharbash, Regional General Manager – Regional Head and Operating Partner Levant Region, Bahrain, Oman & Qatar said, “This exciting collaboration brings together the potential growth and opportunities and strengthening bond between the two organizations focusing on enhancing online invoice collection and automation and improving the digital landscape and technologies provided in the Saudi Arabian and Jordanian markets.”

According to Global News Wire, the global e-invoicing market will surge to reach US$ 35.9 Billion by 2028.


About NuMetric  

NuMetric, a name derived from the fusion of “nu,” signifying “new,” and “metric,” is emblematic of commitment to innovative approaches in the world of accounting. With its numerous metrics, accounting forms the bedrock of businesses’ financial analysis. At NuMetric, the company harnessed the power of cloud technology to ensure that our clients stay abreast of the latest advancements in accounting and fintech. NuMetric integrates a dynamic, intuitive dashboard and a professional sales cycle, including estimates, sales invoices, efficient receipt, and purchase order management. It offers meticulous tracking of bills, payments, and expenses and precise accounting with journal vouchers. Users gain in-depth financial reporting, automated inventory management, payroll systems, and a versatile API for customized financial workflows. With compliant global and regional e-invoicing and a mobile on-the-go sales app, NuMetric is designed to streamline and redefine accounting processes, ensuring seamless, comprehensive financial management for businesses of all sizes. 

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About PayTabs

The PayTabs Group is an award-winning payments solutions powerhouse founded by Saudi entrepreneur Abdulaziz Al Jouf.

Having processed the first live payment gateway transaction in 2014, today PayTabs processes payments in multiple currencies and markets, swiftly and securely. By providing the infrastructure for B2B payment solutions, including digital invoicing, QR codes, social media payments, point of sale, and switching platforms, PayTabs facilitates seamless e-commerce and social commerce solutions for merchants and super merchants.

PayTabs continues to custom build and export mobile applications, hospitality, governmental, education, airline, travel, transport, and biller solutions, to interlink MENA’s multi-billion-dollar payment corridors. PayTabs home owned, globally validated unified payment acquiring and issuing orchestration platform enables governments and large-scale originations to become independent payment platforms to serve their unique industries. PayTabs Issuance, armed with its own IP and built on globally acquired expertise is custom designed to empower any business with acquiring, issuing, managing, and controlling payments

In 2022, PayTabs acquired Türkiye’s social commerce platform Paymes to complement its existing retail portfolio. In early 2023, PayTabs received payment gateway certification from Saudi Payments. By end of 2023, PayTabs was awarded MENA’s Best Merchant Solution and the glowing recognition of Fintech Company of the year.

PayTabs has dedicated offices in Saudi Arabia and UAE and presence in other locales including Jordan, Türkiye, and Egypt. The company is an equal opportunities employer. More milestones on:

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