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Al Alfi Foundation: Empowering the Next Generation through Science and Technology

The Al Alfi Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering outstanding students in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), participated in the Techne Summit Cairo 2024 for technology and entrepreneurship. During their participation, Ms. Rania El-Razzaz, the General Manager of the Al Alfi Foundation, met with the entArabi team for an interview about the foundation’s role in supporting youth and entrepreneurship in the field of technology.

Ms. El-Razzaz explained that the goals of the Al Alfi Foundation include:

  • Enhancing the skills of outstanding students: through developmental programs and scientific competitions that help develop their skills and refine their talents.
  • Strengthening the capabilities of educational systems: through training programs for teachers and school principals, and developing curricula to keep pace with modern advancements.

Ms. El-Razzaz noted that the Al Alfi Foundation’s participation in the Techne Summit 2024 is part of their ongoing effort to connect with talented youth and entrepreneurs in the field of technology, and to provide support through their various programs and services.

Ms. El-Razzaz emphasized the importance of increasing the participation of girls in the Al Alfi Foundation, as currently, the participation rate of girls is only 30%. She explained that the foundation is implementing awareness programs in schools to further encourage girls to join the foundation and benefit from its programs.

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