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Khaleeji Bank announces the launch of “Hafeez,” a new platform and mobile app dedicated to businesses.

Khaleeji Bank, a leading Islamic bank in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has announced the launch of a new online platform and mobile app specifically designed for its corporate clients, aiming to enhance the banking experience on a broader scale. The new platform, named “Hafeez,” is among the most advanced banking platforms in Bahrain and is part of the bank’s commitment to providing a wide range of innovative services and products. This platform embodies Khaleeji Bank’s ongoing efforts to lead digital transformation in banking services across the kingdom and the Gulf Cooperation Council region.

The “Hafeez” platform offers unique features, notably the ease of registration for entrepreneurs, whether for sole proprietors or multi-partner companies. Khaleeji Bank has developed the login page on the platform to ensure smooth access to accounts, with added options for registration and password recovery. The comprehensive interface provides the user with a complete summary of their bank account and financial analysis, offering an overview of transactions made and account activity. Additionally, the platform includes multiple options for electronic money transfers, including local and international transfers and bulk payments, and facilitates easy monthly salary processing with a pre-upload service, supported by new security technologies before completing the transaction and linked to a wage protection system.

The new updates come with an option to provide a detailed display of account balances, transaction history, and corporate information. The new platform has been equipped with enhanced auditing and transaction logs.

In this context, Mr. Osama Ali Nasr, Chief Information Officer at Khaleeji Bank, stated: “We are pleased to announce the launch of ‘Hafeez’ for our corporate clients, which has been designed to enhance the distinguished services provided by the bank to this category of clients. By integrating the latest artificial intelligence technologies, this platform offers maximum efficiency and convenience for corporate users, by streamlining processes and providing valuable insights into their banking transactions, thus improving the user experience and also enhancing the bank’s leading position in digital innovation in the banking sector at the level of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the region.”

Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Bourashed, Director of Corporate Banking and Capital Markets at the bank, invited Khaleeji Bank’s corporate clients to register on this platform and download the app to benefit from this comprehensive suite of services, which will play a significant role in providing many features. Mr. Bourashed added: “We are pleased to present our advanced banking services platform for corporations, which embodies our commitment to continuing to improve and expand our services to provide the best user experience for our esteemed clients. ‘Hafeez’ represents a turning point in how companies manage their financial affairs, providing a seamless banking experience with advanced features designed to meet their specific needs, thereby reaffirming Khaleeji Bank’s ongoing commitment to exceeding customer expectations through continuous improvement of offerings and innovations.”

It is worth noting that Khaleeji Bank is one of the distinguished Islamic banks that seeks to meet customer aspirations through an Islamic banking model that provides a comprehensive range of high-quality banking services to individuals and companies and investment opportunities compliant with Islamic Sharia.

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