Collaboration between Khafy and Motazam to support hidden shopping services for companies

The “Khafy” application, specialized in providing services for assessing work quality and employee performance, has signed a memorandum of understanding with “Multazim” company, which works on increasing regulatory awareness for clients and enhancing compliance with systems and regulations.

The signing aims at enabling “Multazim” company to benefit from “Khafy” services to ensure compliance with regulations and systems by utilizing mystery shopping services conducted by trained individuals to evaluate service delivery, improve the provided services, and make access to them easier, thus contributing to reducing fines and violations according to the company statement.

A report issued by “Khafy” indicates that “Multazim” consolidates all regulations related to sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, assisting establishments in assessing their work, keeping up with updates, ensuring compliance with regulations and laws to maintain the institution’s reputation, and reduce violations and fines.

The “Khafy” application provides mystery shopping service to evaluate employee performance and work quality.

“Khafy” previously closed a Pre-Seed investment round worth 3 million Saudi Riyals equivalent to $800,000 in November last year, through angel investors.

“Khafy” was founded in 2022 by Badr Al-Arishy, who noticed the urgent need in the market to assess employee performance quality.

The “mystery shopper” service allows companies to request tasks from a mystery shopper to evaluate the place and employees and document observations in a detailed report.

The report enables data analysis to highlight the strengths and weaknesses in the facility’s performance.

The company expresses its happiness to embark on a new phase of growth and development, noting that this step is supported by the confidence of strategic investors who share its vision and passion for innovation.

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