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Arab Therapy successfully closes a $1 million investment round led by Flat6Labs and Vision Health Pioneers

Arab Theraby, a mental health platform focusing on the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey, revealed securing a $1 million investment in a Seed round led by Flat6Labs and German-based Vision Health Pioneers, with participation from a group of Arab expatriate investors from the United States, European Union, Australia, and Saudi Arabia.

Founded in Germany in 2021, Arab Theraby is currently headquartered in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The company emphasizes on enhancing the skills of its therapists through detailed training programs conducted by Arab doctors in Germany, covering various therapeutic techniques while considering the cultural needs of users during the provision of therapeutic services, in line with high care standards in Germany.

The platform connects individuals with a diverse range of licensed mental health specialists, including therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists.

Its operational approach focuses on using technology to efficiently and privately deliver personalized care, making mental health support more acceptable to society.

The platform aims to use the investment to expand into new markets and provide services that cater to the mental health needs in the region.

It also plans to initiate business-to-business sales with the goal of collaborating with companies, educational institutions, and healthcare providers. Through partnerships, it aims to integrate mental health services into employee wellness programs and other institutional support systems.

On this occasion, Tareq Dalbah, Co-founder and CEO of Arab Theraby, stated, “This funding is essential to expand our reach and improve our techniques, especially in addressing the growing mental health needs that have emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic and the Gaza conflict.”

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