Sheraa launches Centers of Excellence to catalyse entrepreneurial growth in key sectors

In a recent gathering, Sheraa introduced its latest endeavor, the Centers of Excellence (CoE), aimed at fueling the growth of startup ventures within the region’s economy. These centers are strategically crafted to empower pioneering founders in four forward-looking sectors: Sustainability, Manufacturing, EdTech, and Creative Industries. The primary goal of CoEs is to revolutionize the startup support infrastructure in Sharjah by facilitating crucial elements such as strategic partnerships, market access, and impactful assessments.

Najla Al Midfa, CEO of Sheraa, expressed her enthusiasm during the Ramadan Majlis, stating, “This year’s Ramadan Majlis was an ideal platform to unveil Sheraa’s latest strategic move, which aims to unify Sharjah’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. I am thrilled to introduce our newest initiative, which focuses on four key sectors: Cultural and Creative Industries, Advanced Manufacturing, Cleantech and Sustainable Technologies, and EdTech and Digital Learning. These sectors, deeply rooted in Sharjah’s unique strengths, present an opportunity to build upon existing foundations and assist entrepreneurs in shaping the future.”

Each sector will be bolstered by a dedicated ecosystem, known as a ‘Center of Excellence,’ providing entrepreneurs with comprehensive support. This support includes valuable assistance from corporate partners, tailored guidance from renowned experts, regulatory insights from policymakers, access to technological resources from leading global providers, and financial backing from venture capitalists and strategic investors.

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