Saudi Investments announces its investment partnership with the association to support financial solutions

ElGameya  , an Egyptian financial technology company focusing on recurring financial associations solutions, announced i strategic partnership with the Saudi investment company, Saad Khaled Al-Mujil, in collaboration with Fin Ventures, a financial technology company building studio, as a strategic partner and advisor.

This partnership involves ElGameya  receiving a strategic investment from Saad Khaled Al-Mujil, with the value undisclosed, to launch its services in the Saudi market for the recurring financial associations sector, supported by its extensive expertise in this field.

The company also aims to target underserved sectors in the Saudi market.

Ahmed Aabdeen, founder of the ElGameya, emphasized that the synergy between the association’s innovative approach in financial technology and Al-Mujil’s deep presence in the Saudi market will create new opportunities for financial empowerment.

Saad Khaled Al-Mujil highlighted that this partnership aligns with the company’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet the needs of customers and market expectations.

Fin Ventures, expressed through its CEO, Haitham Al-Sahefi, its enthusiasm for the association’s entry into the Saudi market, reaffirming its commitment to supporting innovative ideas in financial technology.

ElGameya operates through its platform to facilitate the establishment of financial associations, enabling individuals to manage their savings, and has witnessed significant growth in Egypt.

Saad Khaled Al-Mujil was founded in 2012 in Dammam and owns a diversified portfolio of companies in various sectors.

In recent years, it has focused on investing in financial technology companies in the region.

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