Partnership between Umniah and Startupbootcamp to Manage and Operate The Tank Entrepreneurship Incubator

In its strategic direction to enhance the entrepreneurial environment in Jordan, Umniah announced its new partnership with Startupbootcamp, ranked among the top 5 business accelerators worldwide, to operate and manage the Umniah Entrepreneurship Incubator “The Tank”.

This partnership aims to activate and boost “The Tank’s” role in supporting and developing startups in Jordan and to increase Umniah’s impact on the entrepreneurial environment in the Kingdom.

Commenting on this partnership, Umniah’s CEO Faisal Qamhiyah stated, “This partnership reflects our firm commitment to supporting and empowering startups in Jordan, recognizing the importance and role of entrepreneurship in enhancing the national economy’s competitiveness. The business world faces a continuous challenge of keeping up with rapid developments. Therefore, reviewing our strategy to support emerging technologies, meet the changing market requirements, and consumer preferences, is essential to ensure The Tank’s ability to attract suitable startups and achieve the desired impact.”

Qamhiyah added, “We are confident that Startupbootcamp, a leading global company with extensive experience in business incubation, through our partnership, we look forward to benefiting from their proven business models, best practices, and through a broad network of potential partners, investors, and mentors who will add value to The Tank,” noting that Umniah’s partnership with Startupbootcamp will enrich the work environment, bring in new perspectives, challenge prevailing assumptions, leading to new business methods and better results for the incubator.

Startupbootcamp’s CEO, Ibrahim Seksik, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “At Startupbootcamp, we believe strongly in the power of collaboration and partnership in making a positive impact. Our partnership with Umniah offers us a unique opportunity to transfer our expertise in accelerating the growth of startups to Jordan, focusing on the key challenges facing the telecommunications sector. We are excited to work with the startup teams and provide the necessary support to turn their ideas into successful projects that contribute to the development and growth of the Jordanian economy.”

Under this partnership, Startupbootcamp will work with Umniah to present specific challenges spanning six weeks for each challenge, including stages of idea preparation, pitch preparation, and the final presentation, focusing on vital areas such as fifth-generation technology, Edge Computing, cybersecurity, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, communication technologies, software-defined networking, and the Internet of Things.

Moreover, experts and specialists in various fields, notably (law, intellectual property, sales and marketing, design, and technical experts, among others) from Jordan and abroad will be attracted to conduct advanced training courses and/or work directly with the teams, in addition to participating in key activities such as in-depth analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats with the startups using the business model and startup methodologies, pitch training, and conducting workshops by industry experts to enhance the skills of the startups.

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