Mamoun announces the completion of the first equity crowdfunding round for the Zamili platform

The company “Maamoun” has announced its success in completing the first round of equity crowdfunding in the Sultanate of Oman for the benefit of the “Zameeli” platform, which connects Omani freelancers with small and medium-sized enterprises, marking a significant milestone for technology companies in the Sultanate.

Established in 2021, “Maamoun” operates as an integrated finance platform. In October 2023, it launched its crowdfunding platform for equity and debt financing for companies in accordance with Islamic Sharia principles, after obtaining a license from the Capital Market Authority in Oman.

On the other hand, the “Zameeli” platform was founded in April 2021 and initially attracted investment from the Omani Technology Fund (OTF). Recently, it decided to expand its investor base to include a diverse group through “Maamoun”.

According to the company statement, “Zameeli” has 1,369 registered clients, including prominent institutions such as Imran and the Ministry of Information, and a network of 3,368 Omani freelancers.

“Maamoun” explained that the successful completion of financing for “Zameeli” paves the way for the upcoming launch of the secondary “Maamoun” market, which is expected to open up new opportunities by enhancing participation in the financial ecosystem in Oman, encouraging innovation, and investment in the technology sector.

Mohammed Al Tamimi, Commercial President of “Maamoun,” stated, “The successful conclusion of our secondary market represents a significant step towards building an investment and trust ecosystem within the Sultanate. Our mission is not only to facilitate transactions but also to foster a culture of financial empowerment and harness exceptional talent in our region.

The crowdfunding campaign launched by ‘Zameeli’ through ‘Maamoun’ reflects our commitment to enhancing the local economy and leading technological innovation, and fostering a community where trust-based investments can thrive and reshape the investment landscape in the Sultanate of Oman.”

Tariq Al-Habsi, Co-founder and CEO of “Zameeli,” emphasized the platform’s commitment to its community, saying, “As ‘Zameeli’ enters a phase of growth, our recent efforts have focused on securing strategic investments to empower our freelancers – the heart of our community.

We allocate a portion of this investment to ensure their ability to contribute effectively to the platform’s future and benefit from it.

Our ambition is to develop ‘Zameeli’ into a community-driven platform, not only comprising our freelancers but also sharing in their success.

This cooperative approach not only ensures our sustainability and resilience but also reflects the spirit of unity and innovation that defines the technology sector in Oman and our business.”

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