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Garbaliser from Lebanon Secures Investment of $436,000

Garbaliser, a pioneering company specializing in liquid fertiliser, is known for its innovative approach to agriculture, offering cleaner and more abundant produce compared to traditional chemical fertilisers. Operating out of Lebanon’s Baalbek area, where it was originally founded, the company services over 400 clients. Following a successful partnership in the UAE and substantial funding from Shark Tank Dubai, Garbaliser is set to expand into the UAE market in 2024, with ambitions to further extend its reach to Jordan and the GCC countries.

Garbaliser, has secured an investment of $436,000 in exchange for a 12% stake in the company. This investment came as a result of its participation in the Shark Tank Dubai program.

Established in 2020 by sisters Hanan and Zeinab Ismail, Garbaliser was conceived as a creative solution to Lebanon’s escalating waste management crisis, exacerbated by the COVID-19 lockdown and the peak of the country’s economic turmoil. Initially aiming to address the waste issue at its origin through a sophisticated trash separation system, the sisters shifted focus due to the lack of support amidst the challenging political and economic environment.

Undeterred, Hanan and Zeinab embarked on a journey to develop organic fertiliser from bio-waste, leading to the invention of a patented liquid fertiliser that could easily integrate into existing irrigation systems for large-scale agricultural applications. This innovation not only addressed the practical challenges associated with using compost in farming but also laid the groundwork for reintroducing their initial waste separation concept. ‘Al-Hadum’ (The Digestor), their product, enables the separation of organic from non-organic waste, facilitating the production of their liquid fertiliser while partnering with clients to offer them reduced pricing on this sustainable agricultural input. Garbaliser has also collaborated with Zero Waste for recycling non-organic materials and Dekkanet El-Nes, an organic grocery store, to enhance the ecosystem around sustainable living practices.

Despite their non-agricultural backgrounds, with Hanan holding qualifications in banking, finance, and marketing, and currently pursuing a PhD in economics, and Zeinab being an electrical engineer, the sisters have made significant strides in the business world. Their involvement in Jusoor’s Agriculture Small Business Accelerator in 2022 was pivotal, helping them to refine their business model, develop prototypes, and enhance their pitch and presentation skills. The program’s Arabic-language delivery was particularly beneficial for Hanan, ensuring full comprehension and engagement.

Garbaliser’s initial strategy focused on gradual expansion within Lebanon. However, their exposure to the global market at events such as the Dubai Expo 2020 and COP28 in Dubai opened new opportunities, drawing interest from international businesses and governments. This global recognition underscored the importance of fostering an environment that supports entrepreneurs and innovation. The partnership with UAE-based inventor Reem Al-Marzouki, who has developed a technique for converting bio-waste into clean drinking water, further exemplifies Garbaliser’s collaborative and innovative approach. Their successful pitch on Shark Tank Dubai in December 2023 resulted in a significant investment, alongside another investment from the Ground Up Capital Fund in the USA, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards global expansion.

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