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Cooperation between Sharjah Research and Technology Park and MaxByte Technology to establish a center for industrial excellence

“The Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP) announced its collaboration with Maxbyte Technologies, a leading Indian company specializing in manufacturing and digital transformation based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The collaboration aims to establish the Industry X.0 Center of Excellence at SRTIP, pioneering the development of industrial sectors and enhancing advanced industrial development in the region by adopting the latest solutions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The announcement came during the signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding held at SRTIP, where Hussain Al Mahmoudi, CEO of SRTIP, and Ram Shankar CS, Co-founder and CEO of Maxbyte Technologies, signed the agreement.

Maxbyte focuses on industrial digitization, robotics, and carbon reduction to enhance productivity, flexibility, efficiency, and growth within the industrial sector.

Hussain Al Mahmoudi expressed his delight at the partnership with Maxbyte Technologies, stating, ‘Maxbyte has chosen Sharjah as its regional headquarters, establishing the Industry X.0 Center of Excellence to provide industrial solutions, particularly in advanced industries such as healthcare and sustainability.

This center will serve as a platform for academic-industrial convergence through Maxbyte’s research and advanced manufacturing industries at SRTIP. We are pleased with this partnership and look forward to similar collaborations in the future.’

He added, ‘The X.0 industry is revolutionizing the global industrial sector, unveiling possibilities that were unimaginable just a few years ago. The high standards of Maxbyte’s program will be available at this center of excellence, providing regional companies with unique services to expand their business scope.

We are delighted to welcome Maxbyte to our vibrant ecosystem that drives innovation in the region.’

Sharjah boasts advanced industrial infrastructure and is a nurturing environment for the majority of the industrial sector in the UAE.

The establishment of Maxbyte’s center in Sharjah aims to reinforce our commitment to achieving digital transformation in the industrial sector, in line with the country’s technological transformation program, while increasing productivity, creating high-skilled specialized jobs, and enhancing Sharjah’s position as a regional hub for future industries by accelerating the adoption of advanced Fourth Industrial Revolution solutions. Such partnerships with the private sector serve as key accelerators to support innovation in future industries.

Ram Shankar CS, Co-founder and CEO of Maxbyte Technologies, commented, ‘We are pleased to establish the advanced Industry X.0 Center of Excellence at SRTIP, serving as a dynamic innovation hub in the region.

This is where innovative manufacturers will shape their future by equipping and developing a future-ready human workforce with new skills.

Our Industry X.0 Center of Excellence is designed to empower manufacturers to increase their productivity, gain more business, and enhance their manufacturing capabilities.’

He added, ‘Maxbyte aims to educate 200 factories annually about advanced Industrial Transformation 4.0 through a phased and smooth approach to support their transformation and business excellence.

The program also aims to train 6,000 technical specialists and enable them with job opportunities in the region to transition to regional Industry 4.0 by 2028.

It aims to conduct over 75 programs in 3 years.

The Industry X.0 Center of Excellence is expected to impact over 1,500 individuals and more than 125 organizations.’

Ram Shankar further stated, ‘We aim to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies to achieve our aspirations of becoming a global leader in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and creating sustainable growth in the region.’

Industry X.0 technologies are rapidly evolving, helping companies become ‘smart’ and more efficient.

These technologies assist industries in improving operational efficiency, reducing errors, enhancing asset performance, and focusing on digital practices.

The primary target sector includes industrial enterprises, students, researchers, academic institutions, and government entities.

The adoption and encouragement of Fourth Industrial Revolution applications and advanced technology in the UAE are fundamental pillars of developmental projects.

It aims to accelerate digital transformation in the industrial sector, support major manufacturers on their journey, enhance the sector’s productivity, and create thousands of new jobs requiring high skills.

Maxbyte began its journey with SRTIP with the launch of the Sharjah Advanced Industries Accelerator since its inception and quickly established its presence in the complex.

This phase marks the establishment of the Industry X.0 Center of Excellence for Industrial Research and Development at SRTIP.

The term ‘Industry X.0’ has emerged as a new digital model for companies to embrace continuous technological change and leverage it.

It refers to the use of advanced technologies to restructure current products and services from design and engineering to manufacturing and support, thereby enhancing and accelerating enterprise-wide operational efficiency and growth.”

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