Bolt Launches Its Ride-Hailing Operations In Egypt

Bolt Launches its Ride-Hailing Operations in the Egyptian Market, Bringing Along Attractive Offers to Appeal to Drivers and Passengers Alike.

50% Discounts on Rides and Incentives for Drivers:

  • To attract passengers, Bolt offers massive discounts on rides of up to 50% off their value.
  • To support drivers, Bolt refunds 15% of each ride’s commission to drivers as a bonus.

Commitment to Providing a Distinctive Transportation Experience:

  • Bolt states that Egypt is an important market for them, aiming to provide competitive transportation services that meet the needs of individuals and companies alike.
  • Bolt emphasizes its commitment to offering affordable fares to passengers while ensuring that drivers achieve lucrative earnings.

A Global Platform with Wide-Ranging Services:

Bolt’s app boasts over 150 million customers in 45 countries and 500 cities across Europe and Africa.

Bolt offers diverse services including taxis, motorcycles, economy cars, and luxury cars.

With Bolt’s services launching in Egypt, citizens now have a new transportation option characterized by convenience and competitive prices.

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