XS Global Group Crowned “Best Global Financial Broker” at Qatar Financial Expo

During the events of the Qatar Financial Expo (QFEX), held on February 5th and 6th at the luxurious Marsa Kempinski Hotel in the upscale Pearl area of Doha, XS Global Group “” received the highest accolade by winning the “Best Global Financial Broker” award. This honor is a testament to their significant contributions to the financial services world and innovations in financial market technology, affirming their status as a distinguished global broker.

Shadi Saloum, the Regional Director for XS Global Group in the Middle East and North Africa, expressed his deep gratitude to the “Afaq” group for their creativity in organizing the Qatar Financial Expo and for their prestigious award win, praising the efforts made to turn the expo into a platform that celebrates innovation and excellence in the financial sector.

On her part, Souhair Al-Ashqar, the CEO of Afaq Group, highlighted the important role played by XS Global Group in supporting the event and contributing to its success, noting that winning the “Best Global Financial Broker” award is evidence of the group’s significant efforts in this field.

Throughout the expo, XS Global Group presented a variety of their new products and services, focusing on electronic trading and offering insights into the latest trends and innovations in financial technology. The strong presence of the group as a global partner at the expo showcased their extensive expertise and contribution to the development of the financial services sector and financial market technology.

This achievement reaffirms XS Global Group’s commitment to innovation and excellence, reinforcing their position as a leader in the global financial services field, continually offering the best to their clients and effectively contributing to the development of the global financial sector.

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