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The Capital Market Authority grants the Competitiveness Company a license to offer and invest in debt instruments

The Financial Market Authority’s board has approved the request of Competitive Financial Company to provide a financial technology experience, following the fulfillment of the conditions and requirements for offering debt and investment instruments services.

This decision is based on the Financial Market System issued by Royal Decree No. (M/30) dated 02/06/1424H and its executive regulations, in addition to the instructions for issuing financial technology experience permits issued by the authority.

It is worth mentioning that this announcement comes within the framework of the Financial Market Authority’s efforts to enhance the working environment in the financial sector and encourage innovation and the use of technology in delivering financial services efficiently and innovatively.

This step is considered one of the important measures in developing and updating the financial sector, which will enhance transparency, efficiency, and healthy competition in the financial market.

Thus, Competitive Financial Company can commence operations and provide debt and investment instruments services, contributing to expanding options for investors and enhancing stability and growth in the financial market.

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