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Tafweela: A Digital Revolution in Managing Vehicle Fleet Payments in Egypt

In the midst of the Egyptian government’s efforts to make a qualitative leap in the technological infrastructure and to enhance the transition to a digital government, a new Egyptian startup called “Tafweela” has emerged as a result of the efforts of the well-known entrepreneur, Marwan El-Shaib. This new digital system aims to revolutionize the way of managing and paying for the fleet services of company and institution-owned vehicles, to reduce waste and minimize potential financial fraud.

With its slogan “The car is the payment method,” Tafweela introduces an innovative model where each vehicle is given a digital identity linked to a sticker that uses NFC technology for contactless communication, allowing company administrations to monitor spending operations and obtain detailed data about each transaction in real-time. Thus, this platform provides a comprehensive payment management solution that ensures efficiency and financial transparency.

The target sector for this platform includes more than 10 million vehicles in Egypt, with transaction values exceeding 300 billion Egyptian pounds annually, most of which are conducted in cash. This indicates a desperate need for a digital transformation that reduces reliance on cash and minimizes financial risks.

The current traditional methods used in managing company fleets lack transparency, putting pressure on administrators. In this context, Tafweela comes as a complete digital solution that eliminates these difficulties thanks to its innovative approach in the Egyptian market.

Before its official launch, Tafweela managed to establish partnerships with 231 gas stations across 10 Egyptian governorates, providing its customers with convenient and safe fleet management services. Marwan El-Shaib, the founder of the company, emphasizes the urgent need for a comprehensive digital transformation in the Egyptian transportation sector, pointing out that the technological solutions provided by Tafweela not only contribute to reducing operational costs and increasing transparency but also provide valuable data to improve client businesses and rationalize fuel consumption.

In the current economic situation, there is a need for effective systems that support institutions in reducing costs and increasing profits. Tafweela meets this need by providing an integrated fleet management system that protects companies from financial fraud and improves the payment experience for customers.

Marwan El-Shaib concludes his statements by expressing pride in Tafweela’s contribution to supporting the Egyptian government’s direction towards digital transformation, hoping that the spread of their system will contribute to reducing fuel consumption, thereby reducing carbon emissions and ensuring greater environmental preservation.

Marwan El-Shaib is not new to the startup scene, having a long history of contributions in this field, including his work with “Swvl” and “Careem,” as well as with “Halan” company, positioning him as a leader in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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