FAB-Egypt is considering investing in creative talent

Firstly, FAB Egypt, the First Abu Dhabi Bank, is studying the launch of a platform to support talents and creatives, which reflects positively on empowering the Egyptian economy and investing in creative talents in both the sports and artistic fields.

Mohamed Abbas Fayad, the bank’s CEO and managing director, stated in an interview with “Enta Arabi” that the bank aims to invest in this file in the coming periods, considering it one of the directions of advanced economies, which reflects on the economy in general.

Fayyad revealed the bank’s success in supporting financial inclusion in Egypt as a general trend and a mandate from the Egyptian Central Bank. This was announced through the launch of the “Tajer” portal, related to payment and electronic collection services for dealing with corporate clients in cooperation with IBM, enhancing the utilization of artificial intelligence services, which reflects on improving banking services performance.

He indicated that there are controls and movements within the bank to further support entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized projects, especially with the financing portfolio for that sector exceeding 25% of the total loan portfolio, estimated at about 86.5 billion pounds at the end of last December.

Furthermore, Fayyad stated that there is a significant focus within the bank at present to enhance all advanced digital banking services to facilitate clients, whether individuals or companies, through mobile banking services and electronic payment and collection operations, in line with the Sustainable Development Vision 2030 and financial inclusion.

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