A bold investment

Bahraini Al Amal Projects announces its investment in The Digital Hotelier to support the hotel sector

Investments of Hope Ventures, the investment arm of Bahrain’s Sovereign Fund, along with Plug & Play, in The Digital Hotelier hit the mark of $200,000 during their participation in the Bayan TV program.

The Digital Hotelier focuses on travel solutions, providing a cloud platform for hospitality unit operators including hotels, hotel apartments, and holiday homes, assisting them in managing their businesses and enhancing user experience through a multi-language platform with diverse features.

Commenting on the investment, Qutaiba Al-Ali, Founder and CEO of The Digital Hotelier, said: “We are excited to announce the strategic investment we received from Hope Ventures and Plug & Play.

This support not only reflects confidence in our vision but also provides us with valuable resources to accelerate our growth.

The support from top investors like Hope Ventures and Plug & Play has been instrumental in developing our products, expanding our reach, and enhancing our positioning for success.”

He added, “This collaboration goes beyond financial support; it represents an important partnership that will play a pivotal role in shaping our company’s trajectory as we align and work with our investors.

We not only strengthen our position in the market but also open up a range of exciting opportunities.

We are grateful for the trust that Hope Ventures and Plug & Play have placed in our team, and we look forward to achieving great milestones together.”

On her part, Fajr Saleh Al-Bajeji, General Manager of Hope Ventures, said: “We are pleased to announce the joint investment of Hope Ventures in The Digital Hotelier.

Our philosophy revolves around co-investing in promising entrepreneurs with strategic investors who can drive the growth of our investment portfolio companies, and this investment with Plug & Play is a prime example of that.

Their record is filled with successes where they have supported over 30 unicorns and more than 150 companies valued at over 100 million euros.

Through combining our resources and experiences, I am confident that The Digital Hotelier will be able to access the capital, expertise, and networks necessary to accelerate the success of its startup in the rapidly evolving travel sector.”

Abdullah Al-Oqeil, CEO of Plug & Play Saudi Arabia, said: “We are delighted to announce our investment in The Digital Hotelier, which was part of the fifth batch of startups in the MISK Accelerator program.

At Plug & Play, we believe that collaboration is the main driver of innovation and the main reason behind creating an impact. Our investment in The Digital Hotelier reflects our commitment to working with exceptional local founders who unleash their innovations and excel in their sectors in Saudi Arabia.”

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