QSALARY launches its electronic wallet to pay Saudi employees’ salaries

QSALARY, the leading platform for accelerating employee salary payments, has enhanced its services by launching an electronic wallet for employees.

This move solidifies its position as one of the prominent tools for increasing employee loyalty and boosting productivity.

QSALARY aims to alleviate daily pressures on employees by enabling them to access a portion of their salaries without interest, using Sharia-compliant financial technology.

The platform enhances its technological capabilities by providing electronic wallets for employees in collaboration with its partners.

This allows employees greater control over their monthly salaries through global and local money transfer services, as well as the issuance of virtual and printed bank cards.

Companies can also manage petty cash expenses by integrating with ERP programs to reduce administrative burdens.

The platform emphasized the recruitment of financial partners to provide financial solutions to its clients after the appointment of Mansour Al-Shuaibi as CEO. Al-Shuaibi brings over 25 years of experience in private banking, wealth management, and investment banking.

Amr Abu Shady, co-founder of QSALARY, outlined the platform’s plans to expand into Gulf countries and Turkey after establishing an office in the Arab Republic of Egypt to collaborate with Egyptian banks.

He stressed the significance of the Egyptian market as one of the largest in the region.

Mohamed Badawi, co-founder and CTO/Business Development at Asfa Ventures, stated that QSALARY is the first company to graduate from Asfa Ventures’ blockchain, Web3.0, and real estate technology innovation factory.

He emphasized the diversity in areas of innovation and technology covered by the factory.

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