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Graduation of the First Batch from the Heritage Commission’s Business Accelerator

The heritage plays a significant role in the cultural and economic identity of nations, which is why many countries aim to support heritage-related initiatives through business accelerator programs. In this context, the Heritage Commission in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launched the first batch of its business accelerator focusing on heritage. The Heritage Commission’s business accelerator aims to highlight and foster emerging companies specializing in heritage, considering them as pillars of the field’s prosperity and contributors to economic growth.

The program targets the following heritage sectors:

  • Archaeology
  • Urban heritage
  • Handicrafts
  • Intangible heritage

The Heritage Commission’s business accelerator offers a range of services to entrepreneurs, including:

  • Providing a stimulating work environment for entrepreneurs
  • Offering specialized guidance and consultancy services
  • Building a vibrant community to stimulate creativity and innovation
  • Organizing regular meetings for sharing experiences
  • Access to experts and specialized advisors in project development
  • Access to an investor network
  • Providing financial grants for qualified projects
Heritage Commission

16 companies graduated from the Heritage Commission’s business accelerator

The first batch of companies, totaling 16 startups, graduated from the Heritage Commission’s business accelerator. Among them were:

  • Najdicon Space: A project aimed at reviving and disseminating astronomical heritage, including stars, poems, and stories from reliable sources in a modern and contemporary manner.
  • Alkhareta Alturathia: An interactive map highlighting heritage sites in the Kingdom, providing information and images serving these landmarks, showcasing notable figures who visited these sites, such as kings, princes, and dignitaries, and mentioning the civilizations that influenced these areas.
  • Clay and fire: A Saudi brand specializing in pottery and its products since 2019, crafted by Saudi hands professionally trained in the design, production, and training within the pottery industry.
  • May’s Leather: Offering sustainable leather products and bags with designs and patterns inspired by Saudi heritage, providing uniqueness and distinction.
  • Masugh: A jewelry design and crafting studio utilizing local resources and Saudi creativity, innovatively and contemporarily preserving Saudi jewelry heritage through pieces that narrate stories crafted in gold, documenting the civilization and glory of our heritage.
  • Saudi Pottery Clay: Aiming to market the highest-quality Saudi clay at competitive prices compared to imports, while providing training services and raising awareness about Saudi clay manufacturing.
  • Qutun: Aiming to provide innovative rights to meet various events’ requirements, offering top-quality technical, artistic, and logistical services at the best prices.
  • Kmry: A Saudi brand specializing in designing and manufacturing products for individuals and companies with a Saudi identity inspired by local heritage and culture. The 100% Saudi team has an impressive record of achievements and awards throughout the Kingdom’s regions.
  • Alboraq: A leading Saudi company in destination management, successfully offering its services in destination management and developing the travel and tourism sector, covering diverse cultural and sports destinations.
  • Kusrat Fakhar: A local brand producing and selling ceramic pieces and sculptures inspired by the heritage of the Arabian Peninsula and its environment in a modern style, in addition to providing training services.
  • Art Studio: Specialized in creating heritage experiences and drawing inspiration from Saudi heritage for visitors through crafting their souvenir gifts themselves.
  • Stop PhotoBooth: A pioneering Saudi institution in photography, utilizing the latest global methods and techniques, serving heritage sites with traditional costumes and a heritage touch according to the region, with instant photo printing for documenting moments and living the experience.
  • Terracotta: Combining psychology and art, offering a space where trainees engage in therapy and connect with their surrounding nature through working with clay and connecting with Saudi heritage and crafts.
  • Cruise Bus: An innovative mobile hotel offering hospitality services at archaeological and historical sites without compromising the nature and environment of these sites, providing an alternative to hospitality infrastructure in historical areas like AlUla.
  • Harf for Arts: Working on designing and producing artistic pieces carrying a Saudi cultural and modern artistic identity, offered as gifts, shields, or art collectibles.
  • Ajwadeah: A digital platform for crafting cultural experiences for pilgrims, organizing trips and accommodations with providers of heritage experiences. Hosts create individual profiles for their places, including recommendations and reviews from other visitors, enhancing the cultural experience.

The participating startups expressed their happiness in being part of the Heritage Commission’s business accelerator, affirming that the program helped in developing their businesses and enhancing their chances of success.

The Heritage Commission‘s business accelerator represents a crucial step in supporting heritage-related businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, contributing to bolstering the role of heritage in the Saudi economy and raising awareness about it.

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